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Property developing in Kensington and Chelsea

June 13, 2012 08:58 by YOUR MOVE London

Q: How does a small time developer looking to make a decent profit margin afford anything in The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, the most expensive borough in London?

A: He starts out small, just like the Candy Brothers did when they bought their first studio flat in Earls Court. Since then, Nick and Christian Candy have become world famous with their developments including One Hyde Park, but they had to start somewhere! And they started right here, just around the corner from Your Move Brompton's.

Cornwall Gardens, South Kensington, London

Last year, Your Move Brompton's listed a strange-shaped, lower ground studio flat in a beautiful period building in Cornwall Gardens, South Kensington. A first time developer bought the dilapidated flat for the asking price of £385,000 in November 2011. Many developers had seen the flat, and scratched their heads as to how they could make it work. Many walked away, but this first timer had a vision!


He hired a team and realised a unique and beautiful one bedroom apartment with sliding glass doors, new wood floors, and a spanking new kitchen and bathroom. After bashing down the old existing walls, he even found an extra bit of floor space, that he was able to turn into a handy office nook.


He came back to Your Move Brompton's and the flat was listed in June 2012 for £575,000. Within the first week, the flat has had a cash offer from an Australian buyer of £550,000. With his first successful development under his belt, this developer is now looking for his next project up to £1,000,000.

Q: Could he be the next Candy?

A: We sure hope so, as he is devoted to Your Move Brompton's!

If you would like to discuss the property market in Kensington & Chelsea, please get in touch with YOUR MOVE Bromptons. We are located at 249 Old Brompton Road, London SW5 9HP. Our phone number is 0207 373 2430. Click here to view all properties currently for sale with Your Move Bromptons in central London.



Premier Property Photography in London from YOUR MOVE

May 10, 2012 10:09 by YOUR MOVE London

Mark Barnett Photography is a successful professional photography company, which has combined forces with YOUR MOVE Premier London to offer a bespoke high-end property photography service.

"Unlimited photographs of your property to make the best possible first impression."


Mark Barnett Photography

Mark Barnett prides himself on his attention to detail and providing a quality service, having worked in the property industry for over 22 years. Mark has a wealth of understanding of the property market and has a firm belief that when marketing a property, the photographs are very important in attracting potential purchasers or tenants to a property and also giving the owner a lasting image of their property. Mark is consistently trying to extend the boundaries, searching for new technology and professional techniques, which enable his company to offer the best photography services for his clients.

Top Tips for Property Photography from Mark

Photographs often provide the client's first impression of a property, and can intrigue a prospective buyer as easily as they can turn a buyer off completely if not taken correctly.

1. Exterior: I shoot exterior shots from many different angles, also low down and if possible from an aerial position to show how the property stands in its plot.

2. Photograph all rooms: I make sure to include shots of the property’s main elements. Features that shouldn’t be left out include the front and back elevations of the property, bedrooms, livings areas, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms and any other special attributes, such as a swimming pool or a feature fireplace.

3. The more photos, the better: I include as many photographs as possible and from multiple angles. A floor plan is also a great inclusion.

4. The weather: I try wherever possible to take photographs on a bright day. Camera settings can help when the weather is not its best along with my photographic software.

5. Photograph all of the room: Photographing just one half of a room, even if you are trying to focus only on its best attributes, can make potential buyers suspicious as to what lies outside the frame, so where ever possible get the whole room in shot.

6. Angles: I photograph large rooms from different angles, which gives the client a sense of perspective.

7. Flash: Using a flash will help enhance the photograph, always avoiding taking shots in front of a mirror due to reflections.

8. Creating a scene: I try to create a sense of what life is like in a home. Removing clutter is a great idea, but obviously over constructed scenes can create a sense of falseness.

9. Get to know your camera settings and your tripod: Knowing the different settings on my camera is essential, for example aperture, shutter speed, ISO. All of these help to create the perfect photograph.

10. Different settings: Shooting interiors at a slower shutter speed for instance can make the shot look better. A garden can look better in shade, and in harsh sunlight using flash can help.

Premier Photography for a Premier Service in London

Mark will ensure photographs of your property are properly composed and the correct light and balance are achieved in the composition of every photograph. He will highlight particular attractive elements of the room or building to show the full potential of every property.

Eye-catching and distinctive photographs are the key to capturing the individual character and features of your property, engaging buyers in a unique way"

He believes every property is unique, whether that be in the way it is decorated or furnished which means there isn’t always a set way of taking the best photograph and Mark prides himself on the ability to capture the uniqueness of each property in his photography and believes a well-taken professional photograph is worth a thousand words.

To find out more about our Premier property photography service in London please contact Stuart Ripley at or contact your local YOUR MOVE estate agency in London.

Some FAQs Answered by Jason Tebb

April 13, 2012 10:18 by YOUR MOVE London

I live, eat and breathe this industry – it's not only a career for me but a way of life. Estate agency has a habit of becoming all-consuming, and I know many colleagues will agree with me. I notice every "for sale" board, every press article, every website and every branch, whether it's my own business or that of a competitor. I can spot an estate agent a mile away, sometimes literally. I am passionate and enthusiastic about the business I am in, and it pains me to see others who do not share that passion or attention to detail.

A few years back, when I told people what I did for a living, their reaction would be either one of apathy or disdain. You have to develop a thick skin in this business; that "roll your eyes" response can get to you at times, but I have learnt that I owe it to myself and my colleagues to challenge the perception of estate agency and stand up for a job which I love.

But recently, I have noticed a distinctly different reaction. Times have been tough for everyone, estate agents included. Now, people are not so quick to criticise my chosen vocation, not so quick to judge and, dare I say it, are starting to value our professional opinion.

I get asked questions all the time about searching for properties, the market and house prices, as well as the business in general. So, here are my own FAQ’s and some quick, honest advice:

Is now a good time to buy?
Yes. The market is broadly stable, with recent reports suggesting modest rises in London and the South East. My advice to all people is that if the social and economic factors combine to give you reason to start looking to move, then it must be the right time. The last few years have taught us that buying property is much more than a financial decision, it is an emotional and environmental one too. If your family is growing, you have a new job, you are retiring, you are getting married or divorced, then it stands to reason you will need somewhere bigger, smaller or in a different location to where you are currently. As such, in a stable market, it’s definitely a good time.

How can I make my home stand out from the crowd?
As a trainee over 10 years ago, I was told that the speed of a property selling was dependant on getting the Price, Presentation, and Publicity right. Anyone can sell a home at a rock bottom price, in some cases no estate agency experience is required, but to get the best possible price you have to present your property in the best possible way, and tell as many people as you can about it.

At YOUR MOVE, in addition to having the most visited agency website in the UK*, we also offer our Stand Out marketing packs, designed to help your home gain maximum exposure online and in the press.

I have had a number of viewings on my home but no offers, what's wrong with it?
It’s important to get feedback from your viewers, so ask your estate agent what your viewers thought about the property, good or bad. Ultimately, if buyers are looking at your property but buying other things, they are making a value judgement based on their personal criteria, so find out what people are saying about your home and be prepared to make changes as necessary.

In addition, your estate agent should always be trying to invite the prospective buyers to make an offer. Human beings hate making decisions, particularly ones of such life changing importance, and as such the agent should provide support and confidence in the property and the market in order to generate an offer on your home.

There is no "golden rule" of estate agency, but provided you are marketing effectively and providing as much exposure as possible then you will find a buyer.

Should I sell before I buy or wait to find and then put my property on the market?
Every case is different, so it's hard to provide an all encompassing answer. However, an estate agent's role is to find a willing and able purchaser to facilitate a move as quickly as possible. If you have found the property of your dreams but you aren't on the market, there is no way you can get that property you love without making severe compromises in either the marketing time or the price you hope to achieve on your own sale. If you are in the fortunate position of not having to rely on the proceeds of sale to fund your purchase then it makes no difference. If, like most of the buyers in the London market, you are reliant on achieving a good price for your property to facilitate the move then my advice would be to have found a buyer on your property before finding a home to move to.

My sale has fallen through, how can I prevent this happening again?
It's a fact of life that sales will fall through. This is not only irritating but can be expensive, particularly if you have a related purchase or a chain. My advice would be to understand exactly why the sale fell through in the first place. Was there a faulty lease, lack of building regulation certificates, bad survey or a down valuation? By focusing on the main causes of the fall through you can help to "bullet proof" your future transaction.

Often, starting the conveyancing process early can help expedite the sale. By securing the services of a specialist conveyancing solicitor, you can allow them to prepare any information in advance and, more importantly, guide you through the process from start to finish. Many people wait until securing a sale or a purchase before getting quotations from solicitors, but in my experience the first week of a sale is the most important. If the momentum is lost by spending additional time finding a conveyancing solicitor, your buyer may still be out viewing other properties, or your vendor could be entertaining other offers.

And Finally...
For all those who say to me every day "There's nothing on the market I like at the moment", my advice is always the same, think out of the box. If the perfect property was 1 mile from the perfect location, surely you should at least consider it? We all want perfection, 10 out of 10. In reality, finding a property is as much about compromise as any other purchase. Aim for 7 out of 10, if you find a home that matches 7 out of your 10 requirements then you should buy it, because the perfect property just doesn’t exist! Over the years I have spoken to hundreds of clients who have come back to me saying they wished they had bought a house I had showed them. But I have never had anyone come back to me wishing they hadn’t bought one I had sold them. If you are prepared to compromise, then you may be surprised how many suitable properties are available – ones you may have disregarded initially!

Good luck in your search!

Jason Tebb
Regional Managing Director - London
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Syon Lodge in West London – Blog Property of the Week

April 12, 2012 12:12 by YOUR MOVE London

Our feature property of the week is the truly stunning Syon Lodge, a YOUR MOVE Premier property for sale close to Syon Park and marketed by our Kingston-upon-Thames branch. Syon Lodge is a unique property in West London, close to Isleworth and would make an impressive family home. The Grade II listed residence is on the market for £5,999,950, and this property offers a fantastic combination of traditional features and a property which has been painstakingly restored and updated.

Syon Lodge - view from gateway

Originally built as the Dower House to Syon House by the renowned architect Robert Adam on the instructions of the 2nd Duke of Northumberland in 1770, the property has 8 bedrooms, a large rear garden, a gated driveway and over 9,700 square foot of accommodation.

For those who love to entertain the gated driveway offers a spectacular entrance and first impression of the home and the residence is not short on entertaining and living space. A superb marble floor hallway leads to a countryside style kitchen/breakfast room, which includes an Aga and modern appliances.

Kitchen at Syon Lodge

An imposing stone fireplace, fully functioning office, separate garden/summer kitchen, cellar, larder, utility room, coats room and two cloakrooms all occupy the ground floor.

Syon Lodge - FireplaceSyon Lodge - View of FireplaceSyon Lodge Interior

A fabulous master bedroom suite with walk-in dressing room, bathroom with a freestanding traditional bath and walk-in shower dominates the first floor, and a further two bedrooms and family bathroom occupy the remainder of the floor. Four additional bedrooms, bathroom, shower room and sitting room make up the second floor. The property also boasts a self contained apartment comprising reception room, bathroom and kitchen.

Located approximately 12 miles from Central London, the attractions of the capital are close by as well as the local amenities of the immediate West London area. Syon Lodge is close to both the M4 and M3, which provide access into and out of Central London for those commuting and looking to enjoy the attractions of the Capital, which includes fantastic shopping, theatres, restaurants, museums and not forgetting the upcoming Olympic Games in the summer of 2012. For those looking for mainline train services the house is less than 1 mile away from Syon Lane rail station.

Syon Lodge benefits from a wonderful array of period fixtures and fittings, which includes panelling, friezes, fireplaces and carvings. The buildings are set within fabulous front and rear landscaped gardens with York Stone terraces and paths, a pavilion, as well as vegetable gardens and a greenhouse. A BBQ area provides the ideal location for entertaining and enjoying the beautiful surroundings of the gardens. The landscaped gardens feature a Venetian Loggia with marble columns and flooring with seating area.

Garden at Syon Lodge

For more information on this wonderful property and to arrange a viewing please contact YOUR MOVE estate agents in Kingston-upon-Thames who will be happy to help.

YOUR MOVE Premier Service in London

April 3, 2012 11:03 by YOUR MOVE London

Our London estate agency team has embraced the newly relaunched Premier brand and are bringing this personal approach for distinctive homes to the capital and Greater London area.

We recognise that distinctive properties require a service above and beyond the conventional estate agency customer experience. As such, the London Premier team offer:

  • Dedicated Client Relationship Manager
  • Commitment to regular contact
  • Property viewings conducted by either your Client Relationship Manager or a senior member of the London team
  • Direct contact details for your Client Relationship Manager
  • Professional and expert photography
  • Full consultation with you in the creation of your property brochure
  • Great marketing from the YOUR MOVE team

The YOUR MOVE team in London are delighted to announce that Stuart Ripley has joined YOUR MOVE in London as Area Manager, dedicated to working on our Premier Service in the Greater London area. Stuart has spent many years working in the Prime markets for Central London, and he brings with him a wealth of marketing and selling homes in excess of £25m.

Stuart Ripley, Area Manager Premier London; "Our philosophy is simple; to combine traditional personal relationships with modern, bespoke marketing techniques to provide an exceptional client experience from start to finish. Our personal approach, client influenced brochures, extensive advertising and clear, honest communication are what make us stand out from the competition."

Stuart Ripley
Stuart Ripley, Area Manager Premier London

Stuart will also be the first of our Client Relationship Managers in London, a dedicated personal contact, available night and day, who will guide and support you through every stage of the selling process, from initial consultation and valuation, to the creation of bespoke marketing material, the negotiating of offers and the progression of the sale. His mobile number and email will be available to clients 7 days a week so you always have direct contact with him.

Jason Tebb, Regional Managing Director London; "This is an exciting development for our brand, and has been in response to increasing demand for a bespoke customer service experience in this market sector. We are confident that we can provide a cost effective, personal approach and with our Client Relationship Managers you really do have someone you can rely on, every step of the way."

To find out more about our Premier Service for prestigious and character homes in the Greater London area please contact your local YOUR MOVE estate agency. If you are looking for a character property you can search for houses for sale in London online or in our branches.

You can keep up with news from Stuart and the Premier Service in London by following them on Twitter.


YOUR MOVE is a multi-award winning estate and letting agent with branches across England and Scotland


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