Checklist for Moving House

4 To 6 Weeks Before Move Date

Tips moving house
  1. Get quotes from several removal firms and weigh up the cost of those against hiring a van yourself. You can request quotes from local firms by clicking here.
  2. Some removal services provide extras such as insurance and packing - be sure to ask if you require these.
  3. Ensure the removal firm is a member of the National Guild of Removers and Storers.
  4. If you use a removal firm, read your contract so you know what to do if any of your goods get damaged in the move, and also check your household insurance.
  5. Make an inventory of everything to be moved and give a copy to the removal firm.
  6. Avoid peak times to move if possible, eg Bank Holidays, end of school terms and Fridays.
  7. Make a list of the utility companies you will need to notify.
  8. You can have your mail redirected by notifying the post office, this service does incur a charge.
  9. As soon as possible start to pack any items that will not be needed before the move.
  10. Bin or give to charity any unwanted items.

1 Week Before Moving Date

  1. Cancel all deliveries such as papers and milk.
  2. Towards the end of the week, defrost the freezer.
  3. Hire removal boxes if not supplied by the removal firm.
  4. Arrange final readings of water/gas/electricity (72 hours notice).
  5. Arrange for your final telephone bill, and your connection at your new home.
  6. Send out "We're moving" cards to friends and relatives.
  7. Throw out anything you don't need.
  8. Plan where the furniture is going to go in your new home.
  9. Remember to label all boxes with their contents and which room they are to go into.
  10. Create a 'survival kit' of essential items, to keep with you on the day of the move.

Moving Day

  1. Turn off all appliances.
  2. Take a final reading of all meters.
  3. If you have children make sure you keep their favourite toys close to hand.
  4. And finally, take a last look around the house to make sure you have left nothing behind...

Once You're In

  1. Unpack your SURVIVAL KIT and other essential items.
  2. Place boxes in relevant rooms.
  3. Make sure the telephone and utilities are connected.
  4. Start cleaning where necessary.
  5. Make the beds.
  6. Put up curtains and blinds.
  7. Find the nearest take-away!

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