12 Gardening Jobs for March

February 15, 2015Tags: spring | Gardening

Gardening March16

Hopefully the weather will improve soon (fingers crossed), and we can start getting back outdoors again.    

Spring is usually a busy time for gardeners, so we’ve compiled a list of some key gardening jobs to do in March.
  1. Give the lawn a makeover, by raking it first to remove any winter leaves, and when dry, give it a haircut – but not too short!
  2. Get your potatoes planted this month – remembering they like sun and rich fertile soil.
  3. Spring flowers should now be appearing and they’ll need a bit of extra care – check they have enough water, and dead head any fading flowers.
  4. Start preparing for the Summer, by planting your summer flowering bulbs.
  5. Watch out for slugs, they will enjoy feeding on spring shoots.
  6. Weeds are always a nuisance, so best deal with them before they takeover.
  7. Top up containers with some fresh compost.
  8. Cutback dogwood and willow now and you’ll get amazing bright coloured stems in winter.
  9. Start feeding fish and using the pond fountain; remove pond heaters
  10. Open the greenhouse or conservatory doors and vents on warm days
  11. Rose bushes will need pruning about now.
  12. Start composting - kitchen scraps (such raw vegetable peelings) and garden waste - in fact anything that's organic.

and as Alan Titchmarsh used to say “Enjoy your garden, whatever the weather”.