Essential Tips for Moving House with Your Cat

January 15, 2014Tags: Advice | moving | pets
Essential Tips for Moving House with Your Cat

 If you are a cat owner, then you know that they are creatures of strong habits that feel most at home with familiar routines and an unchanging habitat. Moving house can be an incredibly stressful event for them since you'll be pulling them out of the comfort of what they know and taking them to a completely alien and unknown new home. You should make sure you prepare for these changes as carefully as you can, so your furry feline friends won't suffer the changes as much as they would otherwise. 

If you have to travel around the country while staying overnight during your house removal you should make sure you find a place that is pet-friendly. You should never leave your cat inside your vehicle during the night. When it comes to car travel, keep in mind that your cats will likely feel nervous while riding inside the vehicle. Cars are noisy and cats have sensitive hearing as well as the fact that they are not very good with changes. You will need to keep the cat inside its carrier, safely secured with a seatbelt. If your cat is always howling and getting extremely stressed-out you should talk to your veterinarian whether its not a bad idea to give her a mild sedative to keep her calm or asleep during the trip. Make sure you prepare a bag of cat supplies on the go so you could take care of them. You will need a number of items such as water dishes, a litter tray with clean litter and plastic bags as well as food. Grab a blanket as well so you could cover the carrier if your cat is a fearful one.

If you have to move back and forth between your old home and your new one you should leave your cat for the last trip so they won't have to deal with the stress of moving. Place it in a single room and avoid taking it along until the very end. Make sure it has its familiar toys and bed around so it won't get stressed-out.

Once you arrive at your new home after the removal you can let the cat out to explore and check out its new habitat. Make sure you have all your doors and windows closed, going so far as to even block chimneys if you have to. Some cats are very curious and since they are excellent climbers you should keep that in mind. Once all the heavier pieces of furniture and other possessions are put up you can let the cat out. You wouldn't want it in the way when you're unpacking so try to ignore its pleas or let the kitty out in a different room where it will have a chance to explore without getting in the way.

In the end, the most important thing one should remember is that pets need reassurance and lots of love during a period like that. Movinghouse is a stressful time for all, but that goes doubly so for pets as they often don't understand what's going on.

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