5 Weird and Wonderful Pancake Day Traditions from Across the UK

February 9, 2016Tags: baking | Seasonal | Celebration
5 Weird and Wonderful Pancake Day Traditions from Across the UK

Did you know that there are many weird and wonderful Pancake Day traditions in the UK? From Pancake Races to creating new world records, we at Your Move thought we would share with you some of our favourite facts about new and old Pancake Day traditions and where they take place:

Shrove Tuesday Football Match in Alnwick, Northumberland

Known for its rugged countryside and of course for Alnwick Castle which took centre stage in the first two Harry Potter films, Alnwick is ideal for nature lovers and culture vultures alike. Each year thousands of people gather to celebrate Pancake Day by hosting a Shrove Tuesday Football Match. Many of you may think that this is a new tradition, but think again! Alnwick’s Shrove Tuesday Football Match has been going on for centuries and is one of the highlights in Alnwick’s community calendar, but don’t just take our word for it… take a look at this fantastic news footage from 1991:

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Please a Pancake! in Preston

Just 7 miles from our Fulwood office in Preston, did you know that the children of Whitechapel keep the pancake tradition alive by visiting residents and asking: “please a pancake”? Residents would then reward the children with oranges or sweets to use in their own pancake recreations. Nobody quite knows where is tradition came from, but it is believed to have started when farm workers would ask for pancake fillings when they visited wealthy farm owners.

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Biggest Pancake in the World


Back in 1994 history was made when the largest pancake in the world was created in Rochdale, which is just a short drive from our Bury office in Greater Manchester. Organised by the Co-operative Union this pancake measured 15.01m (49ft 3in) in diameter and 2.5cm (1in) deep. Since then, Rochdale has become a hub for celebrating everything that is to do with the ‘pancake’ and each year they celebrate with pancake races, pancake workshop classes and more!

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Miniature pancakes in Royal Tonbridge Wells, Kent


If you head down to Royal Tonbridge Wells in Kent then you might hear about a collector of dollhouses call Rachel Knight. Back in 2014, Rachel caught the imagination of the nation by cooking up her very own miniature pancakes to treat her miniature family. You can read more on Rachel's blog. The pancakes were incredibly detailed and could possibly be the smallest pancakes in the world!

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Pancake Tossing in Sheffield

Our Dinnington office is just a stone’s throw away from Sheffield - the place where only a couple of years ago a new world record was created by 890 people who simultaneously tossed pancakes for 30 seconds or more. Managed by the University of Sheffield, this record is celebrated every Shrove Tuesday, where residents and students alike will come together to toss their pancakes in a public location.

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Whether you are going to be tucking into a pancake this Shrove Tuesday or are going to be getting involved in one of the many events that are going to be taking places across the UK, we at Your Move hope you have a flippin’ good time!