6 Steps to Prepare Your Home For Sale

August 12, 2013Tags: de-personalise | repairs | decluttering
6 Steps to Prepare Your Home For Sale

Tip!Start preparing your home at least 1-2 weeks before property listing photos are due to be taken.  Potential buyers will be put off by photos showing unmade beds, cluttered surfaces, cracks in the ceiling – you get the idea.

Unless you are in the minority, and have an organised, minimalist home, you will need to declutter

If you have a lot of clutter, you may need to factor in extra time.   Start small, pick an area of one room, a shelf for example, and just keep going.

Make Repairs

Most of us having a handful of minor repairs that need to doing around the house, but we never quite seem to have the time or the inclination to put them right.  Well now is the time, no more excuses!

Clear Surfaces

Again for those non-minimalists out there, you probably have a number of surfaces in the home which are cunningly disguised by all the ‘things’ you have put on them..  It’s time to reveal those surfaces.


De-personalising your home can be difficult, but by removing all those personal family items, buyers can better imagine themselves living in your home.    .

Home Staging

Home staging is the art of arranging and dressing your home, to make it appeal to the widest pool of prospective buyers.  You can stage your home yourself, or you can hire someone to do this for you.  It is important to remember to consider the outside of your home, and this will be the first impression viewers get.

Make it Shine

You’ve done all the hard work, time to congratulate yourself on a job well done.  Just the cleaning to do now!   Thoroughly cleaning every room, will make your home appear  bigger and brighter.