70% of us will carve a Halloween pumpkin

October 31, 2015Tags: halloween
  • Pumpkin50% say they will put up other Halloween decorations
  • 55% say they ‘love’ trick-or-treaters
  • ‘Psycho’ is the favourite scary movie

Research from Your Move into the popularity of Halloween has found that 7 in 10 people will carve a pumpkin this October 31st.

All Hallow’s Eve – the festival dedicated to remembering the dead –has grown hugely in popularity here in the UK over the last decade. Any fans of American TV will know how popular Halloween is across the pond, with trick-or-treating , costumes and apple-bobbing a-plenty, and many believe that Britain is now following their lead.

Halloween Decorations

Our recent survey supports claims that we Brits are truly falling for the ghoulish festival. Almost 70% of those asked said they would be carving a pumpkin this Halloween, while 50% put up Halloween decorations around their home. The majority of those who do decorate (60%) will spend between £5 and £30, but we were surprised to find that ten of the 210 we surveyed will spend over £100!




We were also surprised at how much affection there was for trick-or-treaters. 55% said they ‘loved’ trick-or-treaters and 20% said they ‘didn’t mind’ trick-or-treaters and will hand out sweets on Halloween.


What's your favourite scary movie?

As well as learning about attitudes to Halloween, we also asked our respondents to choose their favourite scary movie. Alfred Hitchcock’s classic Psycho came out on top, way ahead of Stephen King’s It, The Blair Witch Project, Saw and Night of the Living Dead.  There were also notable mentions for a host of classic horrors, including Halloween, Scream and The Exorcist.

Have you ever had a ghostly experience in your home or a friend's home? 

Finally, we asked about ghostly experiences that had been endured in respondents' homes. Three-quarters said they had never had a ghostly experience, but here are a few of our favourite responses from the remaining 25%:

“When in America a few years ago I felt someone touching my arm and leg. When I was telling my family about this, a draw opened and closed all by itself.”

“My son can still remember ‘the lady with leaves in her hair’ who used to stand at the foot of his bed. He is 29 now.”

“When my grandma passed away all the clocks stopped in her house.”

“Staying at a friend’s home, I felt breathing on my ear and a hand on my shoulder. An elderly woman’s voice told me to go downstairs or be warned. It wasn’t until the next day I was told that the room was haunted and the rocking chair could often be seen moving on its own.”

Many thanks to all those who took part in our spooky survey. Congratulations to Mr Cavill from Wiltshire who won the prize draw and will receive a Halloween hamper worth £25.

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