Our Lettings Experts: Amelia Gouge, Clients Accounts Department

June 6, 2017Tags: Landlords | letting | lettings | lettings experts
Our Lettings Experts: Amelia Gouge, Clients Accounts Department

In the latest in our series of blogs which highlight the important role of our central team of lettings experts, we talk to Amelia Gouge – Cashier in our dedicated Clients Accounts Department. 

Amelia, what is your position within Your Move and what does your job briefly entail?

I am one of the Cashiers in the Client Accounts Department. I started in the department in March 2015 as a Branch Accountant and moved to the Cashier role in March 2016. Prior to this I worked in the Hub Maintenance team from 2012 to 2013 before relocating to London where I gained experience in both the maintenance and accounting side of Block Management.

How many people are in your team? 

We have a total of 32 people in the team (some part time) which includes 1 Manager, 2 Team Leaders, 2 Seniors, 18 Branch Accountants, 4 Cashiers, 2 Office Administrators and 3 Customer Service Team members. 

Why do you think it is important to have a specialist team like yours to support landlords and tenants? 

We are here as a support to the whole Your Move branch network providing guidance relating to the rental accounts of both landlords and tenants. We pride ourselves on being able to adjust and adapt to the requirements of the customer we are dealing with on an individual basis and, because we have a dedicated team of experts, we are often able to provide clarity in situations where it can be confusing and often daunting for landlords or tenants. 

What do you do on an average day? 

For a Cashier, we have set tasks daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually thanks to the Tax Year! On a day to day basis we need to ensure that all BACS, faster payments, international payments and refunds are processed along with any payments due.  Any incoming Non-Resident Landlord (NRL) approvals and queries are also dealt with upon receipt as part of our daily routine.

Weekly, we collate all eligible properties due for Rent Protection payments to be reviewed by our Credit Control department and then process payment on any that have been authorised. 

Quarterly we need to make payments to the HMRC in relation to Non Residents Landlords, and again provide assistance for the end of financial year which includes generating NRL6 certificates for all Overseas Landlords.

What are the key problems that you are faced with and how do you solve these – all for the benefit of the customer?  

Monetary matters/ financial transactions are always a sensitive subject so we have to ensure that we provide a level of support to help put client’s minds at ease. It’s not always easy to translate the information populated on a statement of account so we have to be well versed and aware of the format to enable us to clarify information should queries arise. From a Cashier perspective, we are also the primary contact within Your Move for branches and landlords when it comes to dealing with Non Resident Landlord Tax and approvals. 

With the NRL process it can take time for the final step - receiving approval which allows for rental yield to no longer be taxed at source - to happen, so we need to work closely with branches and landlords to get this sorted as quickly as possible.

You provide a great service to our customers – what does this mean to you? 

It is always nice to receive positive feedback when you have gone that extra mile to help someone. The nature of our work, at times, can lead to challenging situations however we are all able to remain focused under pressure and use these situations to develop ourselves both as individuals and a team.

Sum up Your Move Lettings in three words 

Helpful.  Approachable.  Dedicated.

Thanks Amelia for helping us to understand the work of Client Accounts which, we hope, will help to highlight to landlords and tenants how Your Move strive to help them. 
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