Are wedding lists totally passé?

March 4, 2016Tags: selling | buying | Celebration | Wedding | Marriage
Are wedding lists totally passé?

The wedding day is approaching. You've decided on the venue, who to invite, what food to serve and where to seat the person that always has one too many. In and amongst the multitude of things to organise there is the delicate matter of the wedding list. For many couples this can be a conflicting and sensitive subject.  Nowadays, a large number of couples live together before marriage. As a result of this possessions are shared and many couples are suitably furnished with household goods prior to married life. So, for modern-day newlyweds, is a wedding list totally passé?

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A modern preference

If couples are already equipped with conventionally gifted household items such as cutlery, crockery and the like for their home, family and friends who wish to contribute to the newlyweds’ life together should be able to do so in a meaningful way.

Honey moon 300Couples often dream of a luxurious honeymoon but with the expense of a wedding they cannot always afford this indulgence. A solution to this is to request guests donate to a wedding fund or give honeymoon vouchers. Some of the websites offering this service also provide the choice of being able to buy dinner for the couple on their honeymoon.  It may be a nice thought for close family or friends to know you are sipping champagne and enjoying a delicious meal whilst admiring a beautiful view as a result of their generosity.

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Changing of the times

Wedding lists are not a thing of the past quite yet. However, days of yearning for more traditional items such as a china tea set or crystal glassware appear to have been replaced by the desire for a NutriBullet or slow cooker. Where once wedding present lists were placed with a shop, in this busy digitalised world they are now frequently online. Another trend is guests grouping together to buy a gift; as such it may be harder to identify what was given and by whom. Have the days of looking around your home and being able to establish who bought you what been lost?

Creating memories

As an alternative to the wedding list or honeymoon fund, there are websites where the bride and groom create a page in the hope of owning something for their home (a painting or sculpture for example) and asking their nearest and dearest to contribute. Family and friends might like the idea of you having something tangible that you can enjoy in the years to come.

There’s no doubt about it, there are an abundance of options available when selecting a wedding present.  If the couple do choose a contribution towards their honeymoon, surely it’s reassuring to know you can help make it the experience of a lifetime. Whilst the concept of honeymoon vouchers seems detached from the original idea of a wedding gift or a touch impersonal, if in reality that’s what the couple would like it really is a practical idea.

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