At last - a successful week for all the Lent challengers!

March 2, 2016Tags: Seasonal | Celebration | Easter | Challenge
At last - a successful week for all the Lent challengers!

Members of the Your Move Marketing team have decided to take on a challenge this Lent. They’ll either be cutting something out for the next forty days, or taking on a challenging activity. Week three, and it must be the first time we can say that all members of the team have been completely successful with their Lent challenges.

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Take awayName: Graeme
Role: Web Designer
Cutting out: Take aways

A stressful week has made it difficult for Graeme to stick to a meal plan. But did he stay away from take aways?

‘The past week was a strange one when trying to eat healthily. The combination of a nasty sickness bug and different family and friends babysitting meant that we didn’t really follow a meal plan. But the good news is I managed not to buy a single take away!

'With Mother's Day this weekend I'm planning to pull something special out of the bag.'

BreadName: Ruth
Role: Digital Marketing Manager
Cutting out: Bread

Ruth is finding that no snack quite does the job of bread.

'I'm still all smug that I haven't had any bread since the start of Lent. I think denying myself toast has been the most difficult thing - a bowl of muesli just isn’t as satisfying for late night munchies as hot peanut-buttered toast.

'Not being able to have sandwiches for lunch is also tricky. I've been eating crispbread and rice cakes with hummus, or that contemporary liquid lunch - a Nutri Bullet - which are all nice. But just not as comforting as a bread bun!'

Name: Emma
Role: Brand Manager
Taking on: Running

After struggling last week, Emma is back on target with five runs this week.

'I'm back on target with five runs this week, although I'm still finding it hard to fit them in. Determined to get back on track has meant going for two runs on Tuesday - one at 6.30am with the dog before work and then a quick treadmill run at the gym after work.

Sunny beach'I have managed to enjoy a couple of lovely runs this week though. The dog and I were up and out jogging through the fields by 8.30am on Saturday morning. We covered 7.5k mostly running (although there was a little bit of walking from me on the way home). Sunday was a gorgeous day so the dog, my niece Rhea and me all went down to the beach. As soon as we hit the beach it started to sleet and was freezing. We decided to give it 10 mins to see if it brightened up. Luckily we were rewarded with some lovely sunshine. 

'I've started to enjoy swapping some of our dog walks for jogging so if I keep this up I think I might have to end up investing in one of these hands free running dog leads.'

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James martinName: Mel
Role: PR Manager
Cutting out: Cake

There was very little temptation for Mel this week until an encounter with a famous TV chef.

'It’s not been a bad week for me – no birthdays at the office, no visitors to cater for and therefore no need to resist the temptation of celebratory cakes over the last few days. But there was one moment I could have faltered...

'On Sunday I had the great pleasure of seeing TV chef James Martin during his Plates, Mates & Automobiles tour. I’m a massive fan. While I could easily watch him preparing an array of delicious food (complemented by his great commentary) when he prepared a Swiss roll it really got me thinking: if he was to come out to the audience at that moment and (in my wildest dreams) offer me a piece of that cake would I resist it? What do you think?!'      

RaspberryName: Alex
Role: Emarketing Manager
Cutting out: Snacks

For the first week this Lent, Alex has avoided the temptation of snacks.

'Finally, I have good news to report. After three weeks, I have avoided trickery and temptation and no snacks have been accidentally eaten. I even watched the whole Marketing Team tuck into some cakes and snacks that had been bought in by our colleague and resisted until lunchtime to eat any of them.

'Sorry, charity pot I shall not be donating this week. Does a polo count as a snack? I will leave that for others to decide!'

ChipsName: Claire
Role: Emarketing Officer
Cutting out: Chocolate, chips and take aways

Claire didn't cave, even in the face of delicious chocolate fingers!

'With more than three weeks to go, I am starting to struggle. I sat down to watch TV last night and all I wanted was some chocolate.

'I have managed to resist temptation this week though. My mum visited at the weekend with a double pack of chocolate fingers. It didn't go down well when I promptly told her to take them away and hide them in the car, but at least I didn't cave in to temptation. 

'I'm in the process of furnishing my new home. This week my dining table and chairs arrive so I am excited to invite some friends over at the weekend and show off my (rather basic) culinary skills. I think it’s time to expand my kitchen repertoire so this week I have bought a new cook book and a new set of pans. I will let you know how I get on next week.

'A colleague has told me that on St Patrick's Day you're allowed to indulge whatever it is you gave up for Lent and Google says this also applies on Sunday! Has anybody else heard this?'

MusicName: Stuart
Role: Marketing Officer
Taking on: Music practice

Stuart's confidence has been boosted this week by compliments about his accordion playing from his band mates. The practice must be paying off.

‘It's been another busy week for me, but I've managed to squeeze in at least 30 minutes every day. It's just 10 days now until the start of our tour, so I'm meeting the rest of the band regularly for rehearsals.

'My band mates have clearly noticed the work I'm putting in. During rehearsal last night, our drummer Dave said "I was really distracted by Stuart's fingers. They were moving so fast I thought they were going to start smoking." It's great to look forward to rehearsals, rather than dreading them because of how under-rehearsed I am.'

Come back to the Your Move blog next week to see how we’re progressing.