Autumn Gardening Advice

November 5, 2014Categories: Articles, Tips and ProjectsTags: Gardening, autumn, Advice
Autumn Gardening Advice

As the darker nights are drawing closer, there is still plenty of time to enjoy your garden. Autumn can be a wonderful season in the garden and we still get some lovely sunny days in order to finish off the last few jobs before the frost sets in.

With temperatures dropping, so are the leaves, as trees descend into a winter dormancy state. This brings us to one of the first jobs you should be starting during Autumn, raking and collecting all the leaves that have already fallen.

Whilst there is still time to enjoy your garden, how about tackling some of the jobs listed below to ensure you garden springs into life in the New Year!

Gardening jobs to do during Autumn...

1.Make leaf mould, clear up any leaves in your garden, place them in a bin liner, tie the top and put a hole in the bottom and sides to let air circulate. You may on occasion need to moisten the leaves if they become too dry. After twelve months, this can then be used to mulch your garden

2.Mow your lawn. This is possibly your last chance to mow your lawns and trim the hedges before it gets too wet

3.Spring clean your greenhouse, sweep out plant debris and disinfect shelves

4.Begin to move plants that may be affected by the cold into your greenhouse or indoors away from direct heat such as radiators. Also, empty any decorative plant pots that you have outside and aren’t frost proof and store them away in your greenhouse or garage

5.Prune shrubs, removing any dead or diseased branches

6.Maintain your gardening equipment, decide if your lawn mower needs servicing ready for spring, sharpen shears, wash tools and dry thoroughly to prevent rust 

7.Collect and store any seeds from plants in your garden ready for sewing next year

8.Harvest conkers and place them on your windowsills to ward off spiders

9.Help wild birds. If you can, feed twice daily and put out (high fat) bird food to help them survive the frosty nights

10.Put a net over your pond to stop autumn leaves falling in and fasten with rocks or bricks