Our Lettings Experts: Marie Collings, Contractor Management

Marie Collings - Lettings Expert at Your Move

Marie Collings, Contractor Management Consultant 

Marie, what is your role in Your Move’s central Lettings Hub? 

I am the Senior on the Contractor Management Team based at the Property Management Centre in Southampton. I have worked for Your Move for almost four years and for three years worked on the Renewals Team so feel I have a strong understanding of the challenges that landlords and tenants can face.  

The team was formed in January 2016 and we now operate for all contractors nationally, including Scotland, working within strict guidelines to ensure we operate in a fast and efficient way and that we are in compliance with all regulatory requirements. 

How many people are in your team? 

At the moment there are two of us – although, as demand for our services increases (and as a result of our success) this might change soon.  

What service do you offer landlords and tenants? 

My Co-ordinator and I provide qualified Contractors to carry out repairs and aim to ensure that excellent service standards are met. We also make sure there are enough Contractors of all trades in all areas.

My job involves making sure my Co-ordinator is chasing contractors for their expiring Public Liabilities and Gas Safe Certificates, activating/inactivating contractor preview accounts, searching for new contractors and carrying out audits. 

As we deal will all Contractors nationally we have a lot of emails sent to our contractor mail box on a daily basis and I am also responsible for monitoring these and generally ensuring that my Co-ordinator and I are working as effectively as possible to meet the demands of my Your Move colleagues but also, of course, our landlords and tenants.  

You provide a great service to our customers – what does this mean to you? 

This is so important to me, I have worked very hard to get the Contractor Management Team to where it is today and I am very proud of the service we provide.

Sum up Your Move Lettings in three words 

Focused.  Supportive. Professional