Declutter Your Home to Get a Faster Sale

August 7, 2013Tags: Newcastle | Declutter
Declutter Your Home to Get a Faster  Sale

Whether you just want a more minimalist way of living, or you want to organise your home to improve the chances of selling, here are some top tips to decluttering:

1. Before you start make sure you have plenty of boxes or heavy duty sacks, a marker pen and sticky labels.

2. Label each bag or box with the following ‘GIVE AWAY’, ‘RECYCLE’, ‘RUBBISH’, ‘PUT AWAY’.

3. Then, simply pick an area – it could be as small as a drawer, or as large as a room.  Ideally choose an area that is going to make the most impact once it is decluttered as it will help motivate you to keep going.

4. Every time you pick up an item, ask yourself if you want to keep it or get rid of it?

5. If you decide to Keep it as yourself the following questions and just do what it says:

  • Is it in the right room / area of a room? If not – put it in a box labelled “PUT AWAY”
  • Is it useful? (keep it to hand, but not necessarily visible)
  • Is it beautiful? (display where possible)

6. If you decide to get rid of it then ask yourself

  • Is it in good condition? – If yes – put into a box labelled “GIVE AWAY”
  • If not, can it be recycled? If yes – put into a box labelled “RECYCLE”
  • If not, Put it into a box labelled “RUBBISH”

7. Once you’ve chosen your area it is important that you keep going and don’t move on until you have finished.