Don’t forget to change your clock this weekend…

ClocksBlog LgIt’s that time of year again where the days get shorter and the weather wetter. Don’t forget that on Sunday 25th October you will need to put your clock back one hour, resulting in lighter mornings and darker evenings, on the plus side it does mean an extra hour in bed! 

Take a look at our handy advice for making your home both safe and secure…

  • When moving your clocks, make sure that you check both your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide alarm to ensure they are in fully working order.
  • Ensure paths are clear of debris such as fallen leaves, this will prevent slips and falls. You may also want to check that all your outside lights are working.
  • Ensure any outbuildings and sheds are secure and wind proof.
  • Make sure your curtains are closed on an evening so that people can’t see into your home when your lights are on in an evening.
  • Keep valuables out of sight.

Did you know? 

  • The clocks always go forward on the last Sunday in March and go backwards an hour on the last Sunday in October.
  • Apparently, William Willet introduced the idea of adjusting the clocks in spring and autumn in 1907 as he thought that it would improve the nation’s health and happiness.