Exclusive - “It pays to be with Your Move”, the 40 second version

February 1, 2016Tags: Marketing
Exclusive - “It pays to be with Your Move”, the 40 second version

Over the three production days for ‘It pays to be with Your Move’ we filmed a few scenes that we couldn’t quite squeeze into the final 30 second edit. So, we’ve created a 40 second version which includes two of our favourite scenes, exclusively for the Your Move blog.

The first new scene in this ad was filmed on a rainy morning on the middle day of shooting. It was cold and many of us (me, my boss and quite a few extras) spent quite a bit of time inside while waiting for the rain to stop. It did eventually stop and the result is the bus scene in this version of the ad.

The other new scene is a different version of the advert's ending. Throughout the entire process of making the TV ad, we talked about whether the seller should say something funny to acknowledge the huge number of people stood outside his door. By adding humour it would also highlight that of course, this isn’t actually how Your Move conduct viewings!

On the day, we tried a few lines from “I think we’ve got a buyer… or two” through to “how many garibaldis did you buy love?” - neither of which made the final cut. But we hope you like the one that did.

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