Getting a new puppy settled in to your home - a National Dog Day special

August 26, 2015Tags: Advice | pets
Brand Manager Emma Tildesley tells us about getting her new puppy settled...

"Today is National Dog day and also two weeks since I brought my puppy Bo home. At only nine weeks old I was expecting some crying and nervousness at being separated from his brothers, sisters & mum but he’s settled into his new home really well.

"When bringing your puppy to your home for the first time, it is important to seek advice from the experts to give your puppy the best chance at settling in well. If I’ve heard, “your behaviour with your puppy in the first few weeks will establish his behaviour for life” once, I’ve heard it 100 times!

Bo the puppy

"I got a lot of my advice from various books and the Kennel Club website & here’s a few of their top tips on making your puppy as relaxed as possible when bringing him home.

  • Try to minimise exposure to loud noises.
  • Settle your puppy in a carrier.
  • Don't let children or adults handle the puppy too much if it's nervous.
  • Keep your puppy well ventilated.
  • If the puppy shows signs of distress sit quietly and comfort it.
  • Make sure you give your puppy comfort breaks and take spare bedding - puppies are inclined to wee when nervous or excited!
  • Create designated sleeping and eating to help him acclimatize to his new home. Always ensure he has fresh water available.
  • Choose wisely where your new puppy will sleep. It is important that he can see family life and is not in a draft with suitable dog bedding to sleep in. You must also choose a place for him to eat with enough room for food. Always ensure fresh water is available for him.

"These tips were sourced from The Kennel Club's article 'General advice about caring for your new puppy or dog'.

"By following some of this simple advice I’m pleased to say Bo has settled well, sleeping through the night, devouring his food & extremely welcoming to my friends…"

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