Happy St Andrews Day

November 30, 2015Tags: Scotland
Happy St Andrews Day

It’s St Andrews Day and, in recognition of Saint Andrew – the patron saint of Scotland – 30th November become Scotland’s national day and, since 2006, an official bank holiday for all those living there.

Here we find out, from Your Move area sales manager, Ross Edwards, how Scotland might celebrate:

'The Scottish are proud of their firm family values and love nothing better than to get together to celebrate important milestones – like St Andrew’s Day - with their loved ones and friends.

'In schools they may have a ceilidh or art competition or discussions about Scottish history – some may even spend some time in a poetry class – in advance of the Day. The fact is that many Scottish people are proud of their heritage and love to explore their family history and St Andrew’s Day provides the perfect opportunity to do this.

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'On the actual day many families will celebrate with a traditional Scottish dinner which may include Cullen Skink (a fish based soup made of haddock, potatoes and onions) followed by a main course which might be venison served with tatties and a game based gravy. Cranachan would be a firm favourite for dessert, which consists of toasted oatmeal with cream that has been sweetened with rum or vanilla and is eaten with soft fruit.

'And don't forget our national drink whisky which, no doubt, will be drunk not only in Scotland but further afield in celebration of this important day.

'All in all with its reputation for great people, great countryside, great golf courses (including the world renowned St Andrew’s) and our claim to fame of being the home to Alexander Graham Bell – the inventor of the telephone – we’ve got a lot to celebrate not only today but throughout the year.' 

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