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I am happy to recommend the services of all the staff at YOUR MOVE in Elgin, in particular Phyllis Cambell, Kerry and Gareth. They helped me through the daunting task of letting out my four flats in Elgin and although I wasn't completely organised, they were a calming and supportive influence and made it all look so easy. 

They also advised me in putting up my house for sale, whilst at the same time keeping an eye open for prospective tenants as I was undecided whether I wanted to sell or rent. In the end I chose to rent with tenants they found on my behalf. At the same time they are still quietly marketing my property for sale so I don't lose out if the tenants leave after six months.

I was supported by their very positive attitude and their willingness to go the extra mile by doing things such as chasing after a potential client who had walked away from a closed sign on their door as it was after hours, and who ended up being perfect tenants for my house. They also filled in forms that I was supposed to fill in and just let me check them before signing. Overall, they took care, respected my wishes, showed patience and put a lot of effort into helping me at a time that was very demanding and stressful for me.

I trust that other customers will have as good an experience as I did if they use their services.

Jane B


Just felt the urge to say a few words about how impressed and grateful I am about being looked after so well by you and your team.

It has truly been a breath of fresh air, ever since having switched to YOUR MOVE some 3 months ago.

Although it’s still early days, the difference is like day and night!

I cannot believe the endless suffering and disappointment I had put up with, for the last 8 years, being with 2 different local and reputable agents in Exeter, both had a really good name but never delivered anywhere close to what I am experiencing now.

I could have saved myself a lot of nerves and money and time and effort.........I wish I had known about YOUR MOVE years ago!

It’s like having a five star hotel service now, compared to a previous one/two star level.

The entire team is very helpful at YOUR MOVE and really knowledgeable and always friendly and efficient, BUT you as the lettings manager for YOUR MOVE EXETER deserve a super special praise.

You are a real gem, from the first day I spoke to you over the phone to meeting you in person some weeks later, and being in touch via e mail almost every day, you have been consistently living up to the first impression I got from you.

Just super kind and knowledgeable and sunny and calming and soothing to my nerves and efficient above all.

You are truly dedicated to your job and don’t treat it just like a 9 - 5 job, you seem to treat it, as if it was your own business.. You are very knowledgeable and efficient but also very reassuring and calming when things don’t go as planned, and we had many of those in the last few months.

Because my last Agent closed down, his business affairs where all over the place and hence my 3 luxury town houses were badly affected by the lenient and often non-existent management approach.......... and so we had to overcome many obstacles in the last 3 months, from incorrect statements and contract inaccuracies and even double bookings on one house to payment issues and inventories missing and worst of all, no house inspections had been carried out which had left some of my houses in really bad shape.

All this was put in your lap all of a sudden...and I was certainly not the only landlord, who suddenly needed your attention and help and care and input.

I don’t know how you managed all of this, and where still smiling and doing everything under the sun to help us all out in times of extreme turmoil.

To top it all up, my houses are student lets, which is a bit trickier than normal lets, and they all had a change of tenants this Summer , so it was more than a busy time for my houses and hence for you.

You dealt with it all, in such an efficient and calm manner, I don’t know where your strength comes from. But also you are very accurate and don’t overlook even the smallest of details, very thorough and precise.

It is so reassuring to know that I am in safe and caring hands now and that you are supported by a great team...... but even a great support team can be useless, unless the person in charge of it all deals with any issues in a knowledgeable and speedy manner, which is what you do.

I used to write e mail after e mail to my old agents and only weeks!!! later I used to get a reply. Now I feel like my calls and e mails are being hear and replied to without fail, and if not instantly then either the next day or as so often, even after office hours.

So I am really over the moon and truly wish I had been told about YOUR MOVE and all its benefits, but above all, I am considering myself lucky to have you, Kim, as my lettings manager and I hope you will be there for me for years to come. You are a real gem and you have reinstated my faith, that there are good letting agents out there, if only one knows about them.

Many thanks for all you do for me and my 3 luxury town houses

Solveig B


I am writing to thank you for your outstanding service with regard to finding me a tenant for my Alphington flat. I have also found your colleagues, Greg and Kim, very helpful and it is clear that you work well with them as part of a team. I have been especially impressed by the consistently cheerful, can do attitude of you and your colleagues; the speed and efficiency with which you found me a tenant and installed him; and the fact that you have gone above and beyond the usual contractual arrangements in providing a service to me.

I contacted Kim less than two weeks ago about marketing my flat and she assessed it immediately on her way into work. She then promptly arranged for various trades people to conduct necessary maintenance work. It was only a matter of days later that Greg contacted me to say that he had shown a person round who wanted to take it. The referencing was completed speedily and a move in date was set less than 2 weeks after I made the original call to Kim.

I appreciate Antonia's very professional and accommodating manner in relation to finding a contract that was right for both myself and the tenant. She also handled last minute hiccups very calmly, such as key handover and no electricity at my flat! I felt that nothing was too much to ask and I would certainly recommend Your Move Exeter Lettings to other people.

I hope to continue working with you in the future. I was very sceptical about using an agency as I have had many bad experiences in the past, although not with Your Move. You have changed my attitude towards letting agencies and I feel able to trust Your Move for further services.

Fiona D


This feedback is to all those customers that feel a bit apprehensive and don't know what to expect from Your Move (Hitchin).

I was a first time buyer for an investment (buy to let) property and was in the market to let my property.  I was overwhelmed by the amount of lettings agents in my area, which made it harder to find a really good lettings agents that would look after me.  I had walked into a quite a lot of lettings agents until I came across Your Move (Hitchin).  When I initially met Lianne in the office to gather information about the services that Your Move provided, I found her to be very honest, personable and unique compared to the other consultants I had met at other agents.  I felt that I could trust Your Move to find me a really good tenant.

During the process of finding me a tenant Your Move were able to work around my busy work schedule and communicated to me every single detail in their search, which made me feel comfortable.  Whilst on viewing appointments I had met Peter from the Hitchin branch.  I found Peter to be very natural and professional at conducting viewings.  Peter and Lianne were able to accommodate my needs in terms of having viewings only when I (Landlord) was present and only to have viewings after 6pm.

I thought that I wasn't going to get many viewings due to the late times however on the contrary Lianne and Peter lined up a plethora of high quality potential tenants.  I also realised later that Lianne and Peter had both worked overtime due to my strict timing criteria, however both were very able to accommodate me and both were very professional even so late in the day.

I would also like to thank Rob for taking some fantastic pictures of my property, which helped the process massively.

Thanks to the hard work from Your Move (Hitchin) I have now got really good long term tenants in my property and am very happy with the outcome.  I thought the process of finding a tenant was going to be very hard and stressful however Your Move made this so easy for me.  I will definitely come back to Your Move (Hitchin) again and would recommend anyone that is looking for a great lettings agent, without a doubt!

Jugjeet M