Host a Glastonbury themed garden party

Hosting a Glastonbury themed garden party - a blog article from Your Move Estate Agents

It’s that time of year again and you just can’t avoid it.

Glastonbury. Like Wimbledon, Mr Whippies and morris dancing, it has become a Great British summertime institution, somehow managing to stay on the right side of cool despite an afternoon slot from Lionel Ritchie.

But not everyone will be pitched up at Worthy Farm absorbing the pungent atmosphere, either because you weren’t lucky enough to get a ticket, or because the idea of five days of wet-wipe baths, a leaky tent and a field full of sweaty rockers is simply your idea of hell.

Whatever your reason for missing Glasto, we know that a huge number of buyers are looking for properties with a garden for sale. And once you’ve found the garden of your dreams, how better to make the most of it when this weekend comes around than with a Glastonbury themed garden party?

Use our five tips to recreate the festival feeling from the safety of your own garden. And, crucially, you’ll never be too far from a flushing toilet, hot shower and your own bed.

1. Set up campGlamping

The eager festival market has led to a whole host of pretty and practical glamping products for sale on the high street. Whether it’s just for the evening, or a more permanent transformation, adding fairy lights, bunting and candles to your outdoor space can create the perfect setting for a few glasses of al fresco wine. Visit our Glamping and Garden Parties Pinterest Board to get some inspiration.

2. Get the look

The festival look is simple: wellies, shades and denim shorts. And don’t forget to stock up on UV paints to get creative with your friends’ faces.

3. Food glorious food

If you think Glastonbury is all about falafels and humus, you’re wrong. The variety of food on offer is mind boggling – from wood fired pizzas and pulled pork, to Thai curries and Caribbean.  Your food remit here is wide open, so get creative, but it is of course a great excuse to light up the barbecue.

4. The music

Oh yeah, there’s usually a bit of music too isn’t there? Those of us not lucky enough to grab some tickets are blessed that so much of the festival is covered by the BBC. So power up your laptop and stream Florence and Kanye straight to your garden while you knock back a luke-warm cider.

5. Get healed

Worried you might have a sore head in the morning? Stock up on oils now so come the next day you can do as a true Glasto veteran does: get yourself back to full working order with a nice relaxing massage in the cool morning air.

Looking for a property with a garden for sale that’s big enough for your very own Glastonbury? We have the perfect thing....


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