How Hugglescote got its name - celebrating Teddy Bear Picnic Day!

July 10, 2015Categories: SellingTags: Huddlescote

Did you know that today is Teddy Bear Picnic day? It's the perfect opportunity to take your favourite cuddly toy out for a marmalade sandwich in the woods. And it got us thinking about the village of Huddlescote near Coalville - a village famous for its connection with the Hugglescote Bear.

Since 2008 a statue of the Hugglescote Bear by Thomas Kenrick has stood at the gateway of the village, both welcoming and intimidating visitors. It was commissioned to celebrate the legend of how Hugglescote got its name.

Hugglescote bear 11

Many years ago, when brown bears were still native to our shores, a villager named Huggle was unlucky enough to be chased by a bear. His heavy coat was slowing him down, so he threw it aside. The bear stopped in its tracks to take up the coat instead of pursuing the man, and so Huggle was able to escape. Huggle's story became popular in the area, and the village was christened Hugglescote.

Today, Hugglescote is a modern village on the river Sense in Leicestershire with easy access to the local towns of Coalville and Leicester. This 4 bed end of terrace house on Ashburton Road is deceptively spacious and well presented, and would definitely suit a growing family.


And as you can see from the first photo, they're already getting into the spirit of Teddy Bear Picnic Day! 

Property no longer available.