How to improve your garden over Spring

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It’s time to say hello to spring. Finally, the days of winter are behind us and we can get back to our garden now that the sun is staying out longer and the poor weather turns into warmer sunshine. We want to make some changes to our garden when we start to make use of it in spring. After all, we are brimming with fresh ideas that will make our garden look better for the upcoming season.

If you want to make some improvements to your garden, there are some simple things you can do. Our friends at Sloane & Sons Garden Benches are giving away some beautiful planters for your garden and have also got some more ideas of how you can improve your garden over the spring months.

Find new containers for your plants

It’s easy for your pots and hanging baskets
to look a bit drab after the cold, winter YM Plantersseason. The damage can bring down the overall appeal of your plants and stop them from looking as attractive in your garden. Therefore, if you want to improve your garden during spring, you should look at finding new containers for your plants. Despite having the same original plant on display, it will look fresh and new when placed in a new container.

It will draw attention to your plant and will add appeal to your garden. It might be the case you just opt for one new hanging basket or pot to replace the old one in your garden. Or you could even go for a set which will display your plants well in your garden. Enter the prize draw for your chance to win a teak wooden garden planter set, you will be able to give your beautiful plants a brand new home this season.

Give your garden furniture some extra love

While you might not want to invest in new pieces of furniture, you can instantly improve your garden furniture with some accessories. For example, some brand-new cushions will help to give those benches a bit of life, which will also give your garden seating a cosy feel. You can buy a range of cushions which are waterproof and will add some colour from companies like Sloane and Sons Garden Benches.

Whatever size you need, the company has a range which will suit your furniture. Also, a lick of paint can make a world of difference to your furniture. It can help it to feel fresh and new again without having to head to the shops. Which will improve the look of your garden too.

Improve the lawn in your garden

Now that you are spending more time in the garden, you want to ensure your lawn is fresh and healthy ready for the season. After all, it’s the main attraction in your garden. Therefore, it’s a good idea to remove any moss and weeds and mow the lawn. You might want to get some lawn feed and fertiliser which will help your grass to flourish in your garden. That way, as the season progresses, you will have a beautiful lawn that will provide you with many happy moments.

For your chance to win a planter set worth £199 from Sloane & Sons Garden Benches, enter our prize draw.

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