Join the Lent challenge!

February 10, 2016Tags: Seasonal | Celebration | Easter | Challenge
Join the Lent challenge!

Members of the Your Move Marketing team have decided to take on a challenge this Lent. They’ll either be cutting something out for the next forty days, or taking on a challenging activity. Follow their progress on the Your Move blog, and visit Facebook to let us know what you’re cutting out or taking on for Lent.

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Take awayName: Graeme
Role: Web Designer
Cutting out: Take aways

‘I’m aiming to give up Just Eat and other takeaway apps! My wife cooks healthy dishes all week for me and my daughter. Then, at the weekend, it’s my turn to cook. I used to be pretty adventurous with Chinese and Thai cuisine. But recently I haven’t had the time or the energy, so I’ve been relying on take away apps. 

‘My challenge for Lent is to give up take away apps and aim to make something healthy, new and tasty every weekend until Easter, starting with a trip to the Chinese supermarket Saturday morning!’

BreadName: Ruth
Role: Digital Marketing Manager
Cutting out: Bread

‘Giving up bread for Lent is going to be really difficult as my husband is an expert bread maker and his speciality of the moment is chocolate bread which is fantastic with peanut butter! I can tell that there’s going to be lots of challenges ahead and as yet unanswered questions such as, “How am I going to eat poached eggs if there’s no toast?” ‘

RunningName: Emma
Role: Brand Manager
Taking on: Running

‘I originally wanted to set myself the challenge of going running every day for the next forty days, but my colleagues suggested this might be a bit full-on. Instead I’m going to commit to a run 5 times a week. I’m looking forward to tackling a challenge that will be so good for me!’

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CakeName: Mel
Role: PR Manager
Cutting out: Cake

‘I've thought long and hard about what to give up for Lent. Chocolate was the obvious choice - especially with Easter seen as 'the finishing line' – but it's cakes that I've opted for (mainly because I think, I'll have a better chance of resisting!)

‘So from today there will be no more joining in the birthday celebrations in the office or visits to the supermarket bakery (as my reward for doing the weekly shop). Instead I'll be taking the healthier route which, as the doctor once ordered, won't only  help me to lower my cholesterol but also, I hope,  lead me to be a few pounds lighter. Fingers (but not iced ones) are well and truly crossed.’

RaspberryName: Alex
Role: Emarketing Manager
Cutting out: Snacks

‘I am going to give up snacking between meals and just stick to my three meals a day. This includes fruit and nuts at my desk, which will be hard. I am particularly liking raspberries at the moment, but at £2 a punnet, I realised that I was spending £10 a week on the fluffy little fruits and it’s time to start saving (and looking trim) for my holiday to Mexico in June.’

ChipsName: Claire
Role: Emarketing Officer
Cutting out: Chocolate, chips and take aways

‘Ever the optimist, I will be giving up not one, not two but three things this Lent: chocolate, chips and takeaways. Since moving into my own home these have appeared as regular staples in my diet and I think it’s about time I learned how to operate my oven (rather than just the microwave!)

‘P.S – Is it ok to sit in at KFC instead?’

MusicName: Stuart
Role: Marketing Officer
Taking on: Music practice

‘I play accordion in a folk-rock band and we have a few gigs coming up in March & April that I’m completely unprepared for. I hate practising. Frankly, there’s a myriad of more exciting things to do like going to the gym, watching Netflix, re-aplhabetising my CD collection, arranging the cutlery drawer, etc. But I’ve decided to commit to a minimum of 30 minutes of practice every day between now and Easter. I'm hoping this challenge will give me the kick I need to actually do some practice, rather than putting it off.’

Come back to the Your Move blog next week to see how we’re progressing.