Meet Your Move's Phil Bull, Area Director in Lancashire

December 22, 2015Tags: agents
Meet Your Move's Phil Bull, Area Director in Lancashire

YM PhilBulWith the ever increasing popularity of TV shows that focus on property we speak to Your Move’s Phil Bull, an Area Director in Lancashire,  who is becoming an increasingly familiar face on our TV screens following  appearances on some of the most well know property programmes – with his next appearance due on BBC One’s Homes under the Hammer on Tuesday 5th January on BBC One between 10am and 11am. Here we ask him how he made it on TV and what it’s been like to work with some of the most famous property broadcasters.  

How many times have you been filmed for national TV, by who and over what period? 

I  started on TV in 2008 filming a BBC daytime property show called Open House. It featured Kristian Digby meeting motivated sellers who were keen to renovate their properties and sell on an arranged Open Day. Having filmed several shows I was contacted by Lion TV to film Homes Under the Hammer which I have been doing since 2011. This year I have filmed fifteen episodes. My role as a property expert has taken me up and down the country filming in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle. I have also appeared  on Amanda’s Lamb’s property renovation show, Selling Houses, and three times a year I appear in Manchester, Birmingham and London working with Jonnie Irwin, Jasmine Harman, Amanda Lamb and Laura Hamilton on a Place in the Sun Live where I meet interested buyers looking to move abroad. 

How are you approached to appear?

For Homes Under the Hammer, the production company contact me when a property is purchased at auction and ask if can attend to give my opinion as a “property expert”.  If it is simply a case of visiting the property once it has been renovated then they will ask for my opinion and pricing. 

Do you like being filmed? 

Not all people like to appear on TV but I think it’s great to be involved with a popular show that, more often than not, has a happy ending. The production team normally has a sequence of questions to ask about a property and sometimes opinions on price can vary quite a lot so it’s important to do your homework. For the live events in front of an audience its fun, challenging but always enjoyable to know that people are getting, what I believe, is good advice and have had a good day out. 

What is it like to be filmed? 

Filming on Homes Under the Hammer is good fun and generally involves a walk up scene, interview and look around the property. From wading through the overgrown gardens, to looking in the kitchen cupboards, the show can sometimes be a challenge. Many passers-by want to know what is being filmed and it can take longer when the weather  isn’t the best. Place in the Sun is a more timetabled event and over the last two years I have seen people return to the show who have now purchased a new home and are living their dream of owning a property abroad.

What advice would you give to anyone who is presented with an opportunity to appear on TV? 

Television is a great opportunity to speak to more people. Homes Under the Hammer is watched by over three million people per day and features estate agents from up and down the country. It’s always pleasing when the show goes well and the audience enjoy the program. 

Would you like to become a TV property expert? 

The nations favourite property presenters Phil Spencer, George Clarke, Amanda Lamb and Jonnie Irwin to name a few, have all worked into TV through their chosen property profession. The exception to this is, of course, former Premiership footballer Dion Dublin who took everyone by surprise earlier this year and joined the Homes Under the Hammer team. I have several opportunities in the new year to become more involved and it is certainly something that I look forward to.