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News: Energy efficiency improvement grants for properties in England

Posted 24/08/2020 by Your Move
Categories: Landlords
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There’s some good news for landlords in England who may have wanted to make improvements to their rental properties but haven’t been able to afford it. You can now apply for a grant of up to £5,000 to fund up to two-thirds of the cost.

This is part of the £2 billion Green Homes Grant for England, which was announced by the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, on 08 July 2020. Not only is it good news for landlords, it’s also good for tenants, who will benefit from warmer homes and lower utility bills.

How does it work?

The funding will be in the form of vouchers that are then exchanged for the services of government-approved tradespeople. In order to ensure the work is of a high standard and offers proper consumer protection, suppliers must be:

Accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)

Originally suppliers were also to be registered with TrustMark but, since the scheme was launched, it has been announced that this is no longer a requirement although they must still be part of an accredited Scheme, as above, or have Publicily Available Specifications.

In order to qualify for the vouchers, the works must include some element of insulation or low carbon heat installation, namely:

  • Solid wall, under-floor, cavity wall or roof insulation
  • An air or ground source heat pump
  • Solar thermal

A voucher can then be requested for further measures, including:

  • Replacement of single glazing with double, triple or secondary glazing

  • Upgrading to energy efficient doors
  • Hot water tank or appliance thermostats/heating controls

You’ll be able to apply from the end of August via the government’s Simple Energy Advice website by completing an online form and providing a quote from a listed supplier. Once the works are approved, you should receive the voucher from the end of September.

This grant scheme is expected to result in improvements to more than 600,000 homes, while supporting over 100,000 jobs in green construction.

Full information can be found on the GOV.UK website.

PLEASE NOTE - Applications to the Green Homes Grant scheme closed on 31 March 2021. See government website here.

Blog updated on 06/01/2021 and 01/04/2021

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