On Location - Visiting Derby, the setting for our TV ad

February 17, 2016Tags: Marketing

There's been a bit of a buzz on social media from Derby locals who have been excited to spot their home town on the telly as part of our TV ad campaign. Here, Brand Manager Emma Tildesley explains how we chose the location of the shoot.

Why we said 'no' to South Africa...

We would be filming in mid-November and we wanted have the best chance of some bright sunny weather, so to begin with we considered South Africa. But, as I'm sure you can imagine, the South African locations just didn’t look like the UK. As a nationwide UK company it was important for our ad to look as British as possible.

A trip to South Africa was out of the question, so the location scouts focussed on finding the six locations we needed in the UK: a Your Move branch, a church, a high street, a coach drop-off, a park and a property 'For Sale'.

... and said 'yes' to Birkenhead.

It was important to have these various locations close to each other to limit the time needed moving between sets and setting up, especially because filming in November meant limited hours of light.

The scenes filmed in the park and at the seller’s house were filmed in Birkenhead. We don’t actually have a Your Move branch in Birkenhead but it provided us with the 3 locations we needed – the park, the area with the coaches and the seller’s house.

Birkenhead was also, conveniently, very close to where our director lived (but not so convenient if you live in County Durham!)

But the real star of the show was Derby!

For the first day of filming we needed a Your Move branch located on a great high street with a church location nearby for our wedding. Derby was the obvious choice. The Your Move branch there sits on the bustling Iron Gate in the shadow of Derby cathedral.

Derby cathedral was founded in the mid-10th century as a royal collegiate church. It became a cathedral in 1927. The cathedral enjoys over 50,000 visitors every year and is open every day so next time you’re in Derby pop in.

On the day of filming there wasn’t a lot of time for exploring the local area, although we did manage to find a couple of lovely cafes for some much needed hot drinks and caffeine. The first of these was Jack Rabbits on Queen Street a couple of minutes’ walk from the Your Move branch. The other was The Kitchen on Sadler Gate. I’d recommend them both - very friendly and great coffee.

With lots of scenes to film that was all we saw of Derby but if you want more information on the local area just click here >

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