Our Lettings Experts: Jason Smith, Post and General Admin, Gas and Contractor Team

June 9, 2017Tags: Landlords | letting | lettings | lettings experts
Our Lettings Experts: Jason Smith, Post and General Admin, Gas and Contractor Team

Your Move brings yet another blog in our series looking at the role of our lettings experts – this time we hear from Jason Smith, team leader in our team responsible for post and general administration, gas and contractor management.  

Jason, what is your position within Your Move and what does your job briefly entail?  

I am a team leader within the post and general admin, gas and contractor team.  I am  responsible for ensuring the team works within strict regulatory requirements and that, as well as maintaining high standards of customer service, all necessary paperwork is provided to our landlords and tenants.

How many people are in your team?

There are 10 people within the team, five in the gas team and three within the contractor management team.

Why do you think it is important to have a specialist team like yours to support landlords and tenants?  

It’s important for us to help landlords comply with their legal obligations. This ranges from ensuring that obligatory gas safety certificates are obtained to ensuring that, when contractors are required to work on their property, that they are correctly qualified to undertake the work. We also make sure that all paperwork required for a tenancy is fully compliant and that it is issued to all parties.  The post admin team also process routine visits to the property so that any maintenance issues can be highlighted directly to the property management team who can then inform the landlord.

For peace of mind for tenants, as well as landlords, the gas team also make sure that any gas

appliances in a property are safe and, again, that any contractors who are used to repair or check gas appliances hold the necessary qualifications and insurances.

What do you do on an average day?  

My teams have a varied work load.  The post and general admin team check the paperwork provided by our applications team, ensure the tenant and landlord receive inventories that routine visits are processed and sent to our landlords and that tenant deposits are registered.  The team also deal with any bills that are raised between tenancies.

The gas team arrange gas safety certificates and liaise with landlords and contractors for those already completed.  They also liaise with tenants to arrange contact with contractors and then contact landlords to ask how they wish to proceed in each individual circumstance.

The contractor team sources new contractors when required and ensures that the list of contractors is kept up to date and all necessary documentation is provided.

What are the key problems that you are faced with and how do you solve these – all for the benefit of the customer?

Communication can sometimes be a problem, especially when a landlord or tenants is not available but, for example, when we need to access a property to complete gas safety reports we persevere – understanding that it is our role to ensure that the landlord operates compliantly and that the tenant is safe.

Obtaining new insurance documents from contractors can also be challenging but an important part of our role to ensure that they are covered by public liability insurance and, if a Gas Engineer, that they have up to date Gas Safe qualifications. Contractors who cannot provide this documentation are removed from our records to ensure that we only use compliant and correctly qualified contractors.

You provide a great service to our customers – what does this mean to you?

All my teams take great pride in what they do and always strive to be the most helpful agents they can.  Delivering a great level of service brings me great satisfaction in a good job well done.

Sum up Your Move Lettings in three words

Helpful, knowledgeable, reliable

Thanks Jason for providing us with such great information about the important role you and your teams play within Your Move.  

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