Our Lettings Experts: Nick Evans, Customer Relations

June 13, 2017Tags: Landlords | letting | lettings | lettings experts
Our Lettings Experts: Nick Evans, Customer Relations

As part of our series of blogs which focus on our central team of lettings experts, and the individuals that work there, we find out from Nick Evans what it is like to work in Customer Relations.  

Nick, what is your role within Your Move and what does your job briefly entail?

I am a Customer Relations Supervisor. I have been with Your Move for approximately four and a half years - initially working in the Renewals Team – before being promoted to Senior Renewals Coordinator in June 2014.  I was then promoted to my current position in October 2016. 

How many people are in your team?

We currently have six people who are dedicated to supporting landlords and tenants.  

Why do you think it is important to have a specialist team like yours to support landlords and tenants?  

While Your Move strives to provide a market leading level of customer service at all times there are unfortunately times when something might go wrong and a landlord or tenant will need to make a complaint.  Your Move is a member of both the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) and The Property Ombudsman (TPO) and as such we have a robust complaints procedure in place, to ensure customer complaints are dealt with promptly and professionally.  The role of the customer relations team is to impartially review cases that have not been able to be resolved at local level and to resolve these without the need to have them referred to external bodies.

Every member of the customer relations team is highly knowledgeable and experienced not only about processes and procedures within Your Move, but the lettings industry in general. It means that when an issue has not been able to be dealt with at branch level, we can draw on our knowledge to resolve, what are often, more complex issues.  

What do you do on an average day?  

It is my responsibility as a Supervisor to monitor some of the most difficult issues which may arise for landlords and tenants when renting property and ensure that, should a compliant arise, that these are dealt with within the required length of time and in accordance with the strict code of conduct we must adhere to as members of the TPO and ARLA.

The team has daily meetings where ongoing complaints are discussed and best practice shared and feedback is regularly provided to members of Senior Management about levels and causes of customer complaints. This is in order to continuously drive improvements in our customer service.

What are the key problems that you are faced with and how do you solve these – all for the benefit of the customer?

It’s always a shame when things go wrong, but when they do the customer relations team are experts in discovering what has happened and putting it right as quickly as possible. Using our expert knowledge of the lettings industry, as well as our understanding of Your Move’s internal policies and procedures, we are in the best position to liaise between multiple areas of the business to get things back on track for landlords and tenants.

You provide a great service to our customers – what does this mean to you?

Your Move strives to provide a premium level of service to all its landlords and tenants and to do these we need to juggle a complex variety of legal, regulatory and contractual obligations.  Lettings is a fast paced and complex industry and Your Move’s lettings experts are in the perfect position to guide landlords and tenants and provide the best, most up to date and accurate advice.

Sum up Your Move Lettings in three words

Modern, Professional, Reliable

Thanks Nick for providing such a great description of the work you and your team do.

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