Our New Year's resolution - part three

December 31, 2015Categories: Articles, Tips and ProjectsTags: Property advice, perfect home
Our New Year's resolution - part three

In the final in our series of blogs about New Year’s resolutions, we hear from two Your Move members of staff whose resolutions have followed key events in their lives and, we hope, provide some ideas for others before 2016 arrives.         

Install loft panels

“Our 6 month old is taking up a lot more room than expected and we need some extra storage space so in 2016 my New Years’ resolution is to install some loft panels into our home.

I’ve been putting this job off for a while but haven’t seemed to have the time recently to plan, especially during the Christmas preparations, so think I’ll start it at Easter time when the weather gets a bit better.

It’s very messy up there so could be a very messy job and dreading that I find compromised insulation that also needs to be fixed but I’m hopeful to get the job done in 2016.”

Top tip: Wickes always do a decent deal on loft panels and a circular saw could also be useful.

Enjoy the benefits of living in rented accommodation  

My husband and I have recently sold our house and moved into rental accommodation whilst considering where we want to live next, thereby completing one of our resolutions for 2015. So now it’s onto our resolutions for 2016. The main thing is to relax and enjoy the benefits of living in rental accommodation. When we moved in there was no running water, however the property management company organised for a plumber to come out in the evening and it was all sorted out fine. We didn’t have to find the plumber and we won’t have to pay the emergency call out charge either! Later on in the year we will need to start house hunting again – but for now we need to unpack and find where I put the Christmas decorations.

Top tip: For renters don’t stress about any of the little things like the toilet roll holder being attached the wall the wrong way up which would drive you crazy if it was your own home.