Our New Year's resolutions - part one

December 29, 2015Tags: new home | perfect home
Our New Year's resolutions - part one

With the dawn of 2016 fast approaching many of us will be turning our attention to New Year’s resolutions and what we dare commit ourselves to in the year to come without the risk of breaking those promises, to ourselves,  before January ‘is out’. 

At Your Move we’ve asked a few colleagues what their resolutions are going to be and which we hope might provide inspiration - and tips - to others.  We start today with ideas from those looking forward to owning their first homes in 2016.  

Keep my home clean and tidy

"I have just bought my first home so my New Year’s resolution is to keep it clean and tidy, enjoy it and also make sure I get all the practical things I need.” 

Top tip: Invest in a new sofa as soon as possible

Entertain more

My New Year’s resolution is to hold a dinner party for my friends on a regular basis or even attempt an office ‘Come Dine with Me’ week.

The reason is that, in the not too distant future, I’ll be buying my very first home and, after years of renting – when I had little space to entertain – I’ll have more room to invite people to visit me for a meal. 

There will be room for six people around the dining table and ample room for them to sit in the living room afterwards, plus the added bonus of a downstairs rest room – meaning guests don’t have to go upstairs if I don’t want them to. And, if I choose to hold a dinner party in the summer, I can even have a BBQ in my very own garden. 

Top tips for holding a dinner party:

  •  Think about your budget, and don’t forget you can always ask friends to bring a bottle or dessert if you are worried about costs
  • If you know your friends are clumsy and knock over drinks or spill food, steer clear of the red wine and curry at dinner parties
  • Don’t forget to ask if your friends have any dietary requirements before they arrive! 
  • Create a play-list for easy listening back ground music

Look out for further New Year’s resolution ideas in our blog tomorrow.