Our New Year's resolutions - part two

December 30, 2015Categories: Articles, Tips and ProjectsTags: perfect home
Our New Year's resolutions - part two

Yesterday we reported on New Year’s resolutions of some of our Your Move colleagues, here we provide further ideas that some within Your Move have chosen to commit to and which, we hope, may provide the inspiration – and some useful tips - to others in the run up to 2016. 


 “Every year it’s the same resolution, and each year I get a bit closer.  But aiming to have a minimalist home is one of my New Year’s resolutions. This involves regular de-cluttering, be it a drawer, cupboard or entire room.  I’ll also be trying not to buy anything new for the home, and if I do, get rid of something at the same time. My Mantra is quality over quantity! 

In 2015 I had a few big de-cluttering exercises and was able to give a lot of good items, that I no longer needed, to charity – which is a great bonus.

I always feel so much better and more relaxed when I’ve had a good clear out.  Once you start it gets quite addictive!

Top tip: I tend to follow a decluttering guide that was put together by Leo Barbauta of the Zen Habits blog He also has a quick start guide if you don’t want to read the entire guide


My other New Year’s resolution has been forced on my - to redecorate the hall -  to put right the damage that was caused by a leaky central heating pipe.  Plaster board the ceiling, paint walls, and a new floor!  

Top tip: My tip is to check the excess in your contents insurance for damage caused by water before you renew – it may be considerably higher than you imagine! I have already ripped up the floor (well members of my family did most of the work) to allow it to dry out, and have started sanding down skirting boards.  But most of the work will be done early in the New Year after all the expense of Christmas is over.

Look out for our final New Year’s resolution blog tomorrow.