Our top tips for holding the ultimate barbecue

July 24, 2015Tags: garden | Tips | Barbecuing

BbqIf the recent heat wave has inspired you to hold a BBQ then take a look at our top tips. 

Firstly, you need to decide who you are inviting, this will determine how much food you need and if you need any help. If you’re inviting family members or close friends don’t be afraid to ask them for some help, you could delegate jobs such as making the salad or deserts to them.

Next up you need to decide on your menu, remember to check if anybody has dietary requirements and make sure there’s something available for them. A BBQ isn’t a BBQ without burgers but make sure you include other classics like skewers, potato salad and if you’re feeling experimental you could even make some homemade lemonade.  When preparing your menu remember to include any sauces, dips and dressings people may want.

When shopping for your supplies remember to pick up some paper plates and plastic utensils, this will save you washing up as they can just be thrown away once the BBQ is over. Bags of ice may also be useful, you can freeze your own or find them in the frozen aisle of your local supermarket.

Think about how you are going to decorate your BBQ venue. You could hang up some bunting or fairy lights and throw around some blankets and cushions for sitting on. If you want to provide your guests with entertainment you could even play some garden games such as rounders.

Lastly, enjoy yourself and leave the clearing up until later.

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