Prepare your home for sale

Adding Value to your home
So how do you begin to prepare your house for sale? The exterior of the property is a good place to start to see if you are really taking advantage of its features and position:

1. Pruning overgrown trees and filling in old ponds, or even old sand pits, can suddenly add size to an existing lawn, or even allow you a better view of the open countryside.

2. Remove old sheds or worn out concrete paths - by getting rid of these you can not only create space, but also light, in the garden and the house.

3. You could prepare your home by adding a patio door or decking to extend the living area into the garden - it's especially nice in summer and it can add value in terms of combining the use of the house and garden.

4. Check the appearance of the driveway and garage too – a new drive can significantly add to the appearance of a property and potentially the value.

5. Perhaps the garage needs painting or even a new door needs fitting to it. You can prepare your home by a clever use of colours, and materials. This can complement the appearance of the property and again add to the overall presentation and potential value.

6. Make sure the paint work, guttering and doors are well maintained. Consider investing in new uPVC fascias and double-glazing if you have not already got them. Remember, however, to consider the age and style of the property. uPVC windows can, for example, cheapen a Victorian home and if you replace sash windows with uPVC windows it may actually reduce the value of the property.

7. You could prepare your home by improving the amount of light coming into your home by using skylights, patio doors, solar tubes or even glass floors. Glass in a house can increase the feeling of space and make a dark room much more pleasant. A conservatory can provide extra living space and extra value to a property – between 4% and 5%.

General Improvements

Once you've decided to put your house on the market there are many small improvements you can make which will do wonders for that all important first impression.

1. Improve or modernise the kitchen – consider replacing doors and handles if the unit carcasses are in good condition, replace the work surface with a more up to date one. Don't forget to replace the flooring too especially if it's a little worn.

2. The bathroom too is also worth concentrating on. Rip out any old coloured 70s style bathroom suites and replace with white ones in a design that compliments the age of the property and other furnishings.

3. If you are thinking about a new en-suite or second bathroom, it can add 5% to a home's value but don't do it at the expense of a double bedroom, as this could devalue your property. The number of bedrooms is still the preferred indicator of the size of a property for most people.

4. Re-grouting tiles can instantly lift a tired looking kitchen or bathroom.

5. Consider replacing worn carpets – plain styles and light colours will make the room feel bigger.

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