Preparing your home for spring

March 31, 2015Tags: decluttering | Gardening | spring | Tips

Daffodils, lambs, tulips - these are just a few of the things that come to mind when spring is mentioned. For many spring is the time when you can get back in the garden and dust off that garden furniture and have a good clean and declutter. The season is often associated with regrowth and rebirth as flowers start to appear, birds start to build nests and lambs are delivered.

With an imminent Bank Holiday coming up and rumours of warm weather circulating, now is the perfect time to prepare your home and garden for spring.

Get in your Garden

Lighter evenings, upcoming Bank Holidays and warmer weather are the perfect combination for any gardener. Winter is often a quiet time in terms of gardening so if you're a keen gardener then you are probably itching to get outside.

1. Clear up flower beds and borders - after a wet and windy winter your flower beds are probably covered in debris such as leaves so now is the perfect time to clear these up and dig out any weeds. After being neglected during the winter your borders will also probably need a good trim.

2. Secure fences and gates that were disrupted by the autumn and winter weather and if you have any outdoor furniture, now could be a good time to get it out and give it a lick of paint if needed.

3. Sow some seeds, March is a good time to sow many seeds such as sweetpeas and some vegetables too.

4. Create a composting area - making your own compost is great for your garden and also helps reduce household waste. You can buy a composting bin or build your own and simply fill it with cut grass, other garden clippings, left over vegetables or skins and other decomposable waste.

5. Cut your lawn - the drier and warmer weather makes it the perfect time to cut your lawn, make sure you remove any debris as suggested earlier before you start!

Spring Cleaning and decluttering

A spring clean often involves cleaning your house from top to bottom, make a list and tick off each room as you go. Make sure you clean skirting boards, on top of doors and around the frames and in cupboards - these areas tend to be forgotten. If you want to go one step further you could also have a big clear out and declutter.

Thinking of selling?

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