Property professionals on the Apprentice - how did they fare?

October 14, 2015Tags: estate agents | careers

Brett Butler-Smythe

​Tonight the BBC’s most notorious reality show – the Apprentice – returns for its eleventh series. Amongst the eighteen contestants hoping to be hired by Lord Alan Sugar is Brett Butler-Smythe, a builder and property company owner.

Brett went straight into the Royal Navy after leaving school, but has since started his own successful property company. He says his biggest strengths are “being hard working, committed and trustworthy”.

But how will Brett fare on the show? We’re considering the history of other property professionals who’ve taken part in the Apprentice over the years to see how Brett might compare.

Miranda Rose (Series 1)

Estate Agent

Miranda was 26 at the start of series 1 and the managing director of a successful estate agent.

She didn’t last long on the show though, and was fired in the third week. The task was to purchase a list of ten items at the lowest price. Unlike their opponents Impact, Miranda’s team First Forte did manage to buy all the items, but unfortunately they still spent more money than Impact.

Once in the boardroom, Miranda was criticised for having been a generally weak performer over the three weeks, and fired for the way she repeatedly undermined her team leader in week 3’s task.

Paul Torrisi (Series 1)

Paul Torrisi

Property Developer

Paul was fired in week 11 due to his short temper, a character trait Paul himself attributed to his Italian background.

However, Alan Sugar was reluctant to let him go, and later offered Paul a job at his son’s private jet company. Paul turned down the job, deciding instead to pursue a career in the media.

He has since made several TV and radio appearances, discussing property, business and current events.

Phil Taylor (Series 5)

Estate Agent

Phil Taylor

Phil from Durham described himself as the ‘Elvis Presley of the business world’. Despite this tall claim, he didn’t make it past week 7 when he was fired for his ‘bravado attitude’.

Phil will probably be best remembered for his creation of ‘Pants Man’ – a mascot for the pants themed breakfast cereal ‘Wake Up Call’ created in the fifth week of the show. The concept?  Wake Up Call got you going in the morning so you wouldn’t make the mistake of wearing your pants outside your trousers. Flawless.

Phil’s firing was a dramatic one. He was called into the board room alongside fellow contestants Lorraine and Kate to face Alan Sugar. It was then that Lorraine revealed that Kate and Phil were in a secret relationship and accused them of conspiring against her. Phil was fired, and the animosity between Kate and Loraine exploded when they returned to the Apprentice house. Phil later admitted that he spent more time flirting with Kate than he did focussing on the tasks.

In 2010 Phil founded ‘Rocka Fitness Ltd’ and released his first product, The Body Rocka, a portable core training unit. The product was originally conceived in episode 3 of the series.

Christopher Farrell (Series 6)

Mortgage Broker

Christopher Farrell

Christopher fared well in the show, but came a cropper in week 8 during a task in which the teams had to select products to sell to businesses. Chris rescheduled a meeting for his team Synergey with a major hotel chain from 9am to 1pm, allowing the opposing team Apollo to take the 9am appointment and make a large sale.

Alan Sugar thought Christopher was a hard worker and excellent logistically, but unfortunately made a bad mistake in week 8 and lacked the spark that Lord Sugar was looking for.

After the series aired, Farrell sold his Financial Services company for a fee reported to be in the millions. He is now investing in property.

Alex Britez Cabral (Series 7)

Estate Agent

Alex Britez Cabral

Of all the Apprentice’s property professionals, Alex had the shortest run on the show. The estate agency manager was fired in the second week of the seventh series.

He was criticised in week 1 for only making £8 in the food stall task, spending most of the day cutting bread and serving soup instead of selling, but managed to escape the board room and the wrath of Alan Sugar.

In week 2 – in which the teams were challenged to create and market a new mobile app – Alex was the only member of the team Logic not to put himself forward for project manager and was eventually fired for taking a backseat in both tasks.

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