Our Lettings Experts: Guy Joel, Renewals and terminations

May 16, 2017Tags: Landlords | lettings | lettings experts

GuyJoilAt Your Move we’re proud of the fact that we have a central team of experts who each play a vital role in supporting our landlords and who, despite their unending  commitment to providing the best service possible, are often our unrecognised band of heroes, It’s because of this that we thought it would be a great idea to focus on what they do on a daily basis and produce a series of  blogs to highlight the great work they do and, we hope, help our customers appreciate why ‘It pays to be with Your Move’.    
In the first of our series we take a look at the important role of our renewals and terminations team and have interviewed Team Leader, Guy Joel, to find out more: 
Guy, what is your position within Your Move and what does your job briefly entail?  
I am the team leader of the renewals and terminations teams within our Southampton Property Management Centre.  I have been with Your Move for three and a half years but I have eight years’ experience in lettings, having previously been a branch manager for another firm. 
How many people are in your team?
I’ve currently got 19 people in the team – all have been chosen for their great attitude to work and have been fully trained in all aspects of lettings and, importantly, how to ensure we provide the best customer service possible.  
 Why do you think it is important to have a specialist team like yours to support landlords and tenants?  
The law surrounding property is fast moving and complex, so it’s important to have a professional renewals and terminations service for our landlords.  Renewing on a fixed term agreement ensures Landlords have a secure rental income and an up to date tenancy agreement that reflects the latest changes in legislation.  Alternatively, if a landlord wishes to end the tenancy, we can ensure that this goes smoothly, helping them to navigate many potentially complex legal issues.  
For tenants, renewing the tenancy agreement for a fixed term gives you security in your home, as well as a stable rental income to help control costs and manage monthly budgets.  Should you wish to end your tenancy, we can guide you through the process and give you all the advice you need to ensure the process goes smoothly, as well as giving you useful advice to secure the prompt return of your security deposit. 
What do you do on an average day?  
My staff liaise with both landlords and tenants to negotiate tenancy renewals, and draw up new contracts for signature by tenants.  We ensure that these are compliant with the latest legislative changes and ensure that all necessary information is provided, ensuring all parties are regularly updated.  We also advise landlords and tenants about ending their tenancies – should they need to - and process their notices when received, ensuring the correct legal paperwork is issued so that everything goes like clockwork. 
What are the key problems that your customers face and how do you help them?  
Moving can often be a very stressful time, so my team aims to make the process as simple and easy as possible, providing clear and accurate guidance to both landlords and tenants to ensure that everything goes smoothly and helping people through, what can often be, a difficult period.   In addition to this, we negotiate renewals with landlords and tenants, liaising between all parties and providing expertise and advice to ensure that a renewal that works for both landlord and tenant can be agreed. 
You provide a great service to our customers – what does this mean to you? 
My team are always happy to receive customer feedback and get a real sense of pride when our customers thank us for our help and advice.  We take our duty as agents very seriously and pride ourselves on giving our landlords and tenants the best, most up to date and most accurate advice. 
Sum up Your Move Lettings in three words 
Modern, professional, reliable.

Thanks Guy for providing such a great description of the work you and your team do. 
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