Scottish rents rise at two-thirds the speed of England & Wales

February 2016 - Scotland Buy to Let Index

  • Annual rent rises in Scotland slow to 2.1% in February, two-thirds the speed seen in England & Wales
  • Average rents stagnate month-on-month at £548, as Highlands and Glasgow see rents drop in February
  • Tenant arrears tumble to just 10.9% in February, as levels of late rent improve with employment levels
  • Landlord returns reined back by house price fluctuation, down to 3.9% in February from 10.6% last year

Scottish rents are rising at just two-thirds the speed of those in the rest of England and Wales, according to the latest Scotland Buy-to-Let Index from Your Move, one of Scotland’s largest lettings agent networks.

Average Scottish rents have risen 2.1% in the year to February 2016, amounting to £11 in absolute terms. In comparison, south of the border, rents across England and Wales have increased 3.3% over the same twelve months.

This also marks a slowdown in Scotland from 2.3% in the twelve months to January, but an uptick from the 1.1% annual change recorded in February 2016.


YM Sco BTL Infographic Feb16