Serious tenant arrears fall 4% as jobs boom

June 15, 2016Tags: buy-to-let | Landlords | lettings | letting
Serious tenant arrears fall 4% as jobs boom
  • 3,100 fewer households were in serious rent arrears in Q1 compared to Q4 – a 4% fall
  • Eviction orders drop by 3% in Q1 – now representing only one third of tenants in serious arrears

  • Just 1% of UK renters face serious arrears – 86,200 tenant households compared to 89,300 in Q4

  • Landlords benefit from healthier tenant finances – with fewest buy-to-let mortgage arrears since 2007

Fewer tenants are falling into serious rent arrears thanks to the improving employment market.

In absolute terms, just 86,200 tenants across the UK are more than two months behind in their rent. This compares to 89,300 in the previous quarter. This represents a 4% fall and means that 3,100 households in homes to let have moved out of serious rent arrears since the end of 2015.

Since 2008, there have been on average 92,600 tenants in serious arrears in the first quarter of each year – meaning that Q1 2016 is also substantially lower than the long-term average.


Source: Tenant Arrears Tracker - Q1 2016

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