The average price of a house has increased by 147 times during the Queen's record reign

September 9, 2015Tags: house prices

Today Queen Elizabeth II will become the longest reigning British monarch in history. We are looking back 63 years to when her reign began in 1952 and are staggered to find that the average price of a house has increased 147-fold.

In 1952 the average price of a house was £1,891. Today it's £279,515. Of course we shouldn't just judge these figures in isolation. Inflation - and especially wage inflation - has risen very strongly in the time period too.


To give a more rounded view, we compared the changes in house prices to wage rises, as well as the changes in costs to comparable goods and services.





Average house price£1,8911£279,5152x 147
Average weekly earnings (women)£53£4594x 91
Average weekly earnings (men)£93£5664x 62
Pack of 20 cigarettes22p3£9.215x 41
Cinema ticket20p6£7.853x 39
Pint of beer9p7£38x 33
Loaf of bread6p3£15x 16
Pint of milk4p445p5x 11
Gallon of petrol51p9£4.9910x 9
Aeroplane flight, London to Jahnnesburg£17511£55512x 3

Here are a few more comparisons we found interesting...


In 1952 the UK population was 50 million[3]. Today it is over 64 million[13].


In 1952 there were almost 674,000 live births in the UK. This has only risen slightly to over 695,000 in 2012[4].


There were over 349,000 marriages in 1952, but in 2014 this was down to 262,000[4].


By contrast, divorces have risen from almost 34,000 in 1952 to over 118,000 in 2014[4].

In the charts

This day in 1952 Vera Lynn was at number 1 with 'Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart'. Clearly not so fluent in German, Justin Bieber is number 1 today with 'What do you mean?'


Best seller

This week in 1952 the New York Time Best Seller list was topped by 'The Silver Chalice' by Thomas B Costain. Today 'x' by Sue Grafton is number 1 on the list.


At the cinema

The highest grossing film of 1952 was 'The Greatest Show on Earth'. To date in 2015 the top film at the box office has been 'Jurassic World'.


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