Pizza on a BBQ, cocktails and more - BBQ ideas you need to try!

May 6, 2016Tags: summer

YM BBQ2With lots of talk of a sunny and warm weather this weekend (we hope) we’ve all got a little exciting about dusting off the BBQ and enjoy some chilled al fresco dining….and drinking. Here’s what we are all planning to eat and drink this weekend…

Pizza? On a BBQ?

Sarah Portet from the digital team has decided to try something different and here is her simple guide to cooking a pizza on the BBQ. Yes, a pizza.

Roll out your pizza dough, and place directly onto the barbeque.  When grill lines start to appear flip it over and cook the other side. Cover the first cooked side with olive oil. 
Once grill marks appear on the other side, flip it again and top with pizza toppings.  Pre cook any toppings that need cooking.

It will only need another couple of minutes – don’t leave it too long otherwise it will get too crispy!

Idea for toppings:

  • Fresh mozzarella, tomato slices and basil.
  • Tomato sauce, grilled veggies, mozzarella.

Why not accompany your pizza with a classic drink enjoyed at any time of year but perfect on a summer’s day – a gin and tonic.

Pour 50ml of your preferred gin, 125mm of tonic water and a wedge of lime to decorate.  


Brand Marketing Manager Emma has coordinated with all her friends to all bring a little something for the BBQ.

Growing up I remember many a BBQ with Dad the only person outside, flipping burgers while holding an umbrella in his other hand. I think like everyone, enthused by the weather predictions for this weekend - charcoals have been bought with various friends bring various BBQ items over this weekend. I quite like this style of BBQ as you’re never really that sure what you could end up having but you can guarantee there will be way too much food. I tend to make chicken kebabs - the first one is lemon & garlic chicken – simply marinade the chicken in lemon, olive oil, garlic, bay leaves and a little white vinegar. I try and leave to marinade for at least 3 hours and then pop the chicken pieces onto a wooden skewer – chicken, lemon, bay leaf, chicken, lemon, bay leaf and repeat…

The other marinade is usually soy sauce, red chilli, ginger, garlic – then skewered with red pepper. Probably my fave, normally enjoyed with a nice chilled glass of Chablis.

Top Tip: remember to soak the wooden skewers first to avoid them burning on the BBQ.

She carried a water melon…

Email Marketing Manager Alex is looking forward to trying this novel cocktail that she discovered this week.

What you will need…err, basically alcohol.

  • Gin, Rum, Tequila, Triple Sec, Vodka (bottles)
  • 1 large watermelon

Buy a whole watermelon, cut five bottle top size holes out of the watermelon and core the length of a spirit bottle. Put the whole ensemble somewhere cool and dry (garage / larder / fridge if it will fit) and leave for 24 hours until all the alcohol has soaked into the watermelon. Remove the bottles, cut the watermelon into triangles, serve and enjoy – just remember to not mix it with the non-alcoholic one for the children!

Top tip for a summer weekend – buy citronella candles and oil for your bamboo torches to keep those pesky little bugs from sharing a burger or drink with you!

Enjoy your green fingered friend’s hard work

We think Ruth has got the right idea, none of the hard work but all of the joy of a little al fresco cocktail.

As a complete non-gardener, I am pleased to say that we no longer have any outdoor space whatsoever. After years of mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges and weeding the borders that’s a huge relief to me. But – here comes the summer – where are we going to enjoy that little glass of something al fresco? The answer is to get yourself invited to someone else’s house where they have mown the lawn, trimmed the hedge and done the weeding! Sounds really selfish, but I will bring my own drink and plenty to share!

And here’s my favourite for a summer’s evening: A Gin and Mint Cocktail. Take your usual amount of gin, add a couple of sprigs of fresh mint, and a thick slice of cucumber cut into quarters, shake it all about a bit and smash the mint and cucumber a bit, dig out the really smashed up bits, add some ice cubes and top up with elderflower pressé (not the concentrate as that would be yuk). Maybe add a slice of lemon and another sprig of mint.

Top tip for a summer weekend – make sure you’ve got plenty of ice cubes in the freezer.

1 burger, 2 hotdogs, a chicken kebab and you’re still not full?

If you have any room for dessert, why not try Stuart’s boozy banana split?

Barbecueing can be hard work, so once all the grilling is done I like to wind down with a boozy dessert. Get this pudding prepared before you start cooking any meat: cut a lengthways slit down an unpeeled banana and stuff it with a few pieces of dark chocolate, then wrap the banana in foil. As soon as your meat is served up, throw the banana onto the glowing coals and let it cook while you wolf down your burger. When you’re ready for dessert, pop the banana out of its skin and into a bowl, then liberally slather it with a few glugs of Baileys. Add a dollop of ice cream if you’re feeling particularly indulgent.

Top tip for a summer weekend – use ice water in a bucket to keep your beers cold without constant treks to the fridge.

So now we are all REALLY looking forward to the weekend, so whatever the weather where you are we hope you have a fab weekend. And if the sun is shining – don’t forget your sunscreen!

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