Thinking outside the box - what to do with your cardboard boxes

June 24, 2015Tags: moving | boxes | Tips
Thinking outside the box - what to do with your cardboard boxes

You have done it – you have unpacked and moved into your new home! The next question is what do you do with all the empty cardboard boxes you have been left with? Did you know that each year the UK alone produces 8 million tonnes of cardboard and research shows that the everyday house move uses on average a total of 60 cardboard boxes.  That is a lot of cardboard, which can be used for so many other things!   

For the Kids...

Children love to make a mess and get creative and with half term fast approaching these ideas will keep them out of trouble. There are lots of fun and exciting things they can create from a simple cardboard box. Just one or two cardboard boxes can be transformed into an adrenalin pumping stair slide, a costume (especially useful with Halloween coming up!), a car or train track or even some cardboard box kitchen appliances such as a mini-oven – the list goes on.

Top 5 for Kids...

- Stair slide
- Fancy dress costumes
- Puppet show theatre
- Giant dice
- Car/train playmat

Practical Uses...

Maybe you fancy doing something a little more practical with your left over boxes? Just a bit of scrap fabric can transform a cardboard box into a lovely storage box - we particularly liked these personalised ones with wooden letters. Another idea is to cut up your boxes and use them to make some unique and individual ‘we have moved’ cards. For all you avid gardeners, cardboard boxes can come in extremely useful during the winter months in protecting your plants and grass from frost and make excellent plant pots!

Top 5 Practical Uses…

- 'We have moved' cards
- Storage boxes
- Photo frames
- Pet beds/scratching posts
- Grass frost protection

Take a look at our Pinterest board for even more helpful ideas and let us know what you did with your boxes. 

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