Tips for Preparing Your Home To Be Photographed

August 27, 2013Tags: home staging | selling
Tips for Preparing Your Home To Be Photographed

We have some top tips from our Valuation Managers at Your Move Chris Stonock on getting the best from your property photos.

First impressions are key...

“Good first impressions are important in order to attract any buyer and the images will either give the potential buyer a good or bad impression of the property.  Make sure wheely bins are out of sight and be prepared to move cars from drives if needed.” Kurt Buckby, Valuation Manager, Low Fell

“I always try to arrange my photography at a time when the sun is shining on the front of the house. This makes the photos as bright as they can be and prevents any glare in the pictures. If this is not possible at the time, I will always make an effort to go back to the property on a sunny day. Do not be scared of asking your agent to come out when its sunny.” Ian Cavagan, Valuation Manager, Washington

“Often, so much focus is given to the front of the house but the back of the house deserves it just as much! If you have children, make sure toys are hidden away, I often have to clear away footballs etc to make sure the photo is the best it can be.” Jan Mitchell, Valuation Manager, Rowlands Gill

Minimalist Approach...

“I often advise clients the best thing they can do to prepare for me taking photographs is to declutter each room as much as possible. Minimalist is very much the fashion and even more so when photographing houses, so remove all unnecessary personal items and clear all surfaces.” Tim Hawe, Valuation Manager, West Denton

“Potential buyers want to see the house, not your possessions, so you ideally want a minimalistic look. For example, when I photograph a bathroom, I always ask customers to clear towel rails, toiletries, mats, toilet roll; removing anything that isn't the suite itself!” Rob Thorne, Valuation Manager, Consett

“You should always remove any object that is strong in colour that could distract attention from the room itself.  This is particularly important in children’s bedrooms where there are often lots of brightly coloured toys.” David Gordon, Valuation Manager, Durham

Flowers and Lighting...

“Flowers always look lovely in photographs!  They tend to bring rooms alive, I would always recommend a nice bunch of flowers on a dining or coffee table.” Stephen Rozanski, Valuation Manager, Houghton le Spring

“I agree with Stephen about flowers, however I also recommend that the owner checks all lights to make sure they are all in working order, just in case its a dark day.” Tim Stonock, Valuation Manager, Chester le Street