Top 8 Ways to Easily Transform Your Home on a Budget

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You may think that it’ll cost a fortune to transform and revitalise your home but this isn’t the case. You just need to make high-impact, low-cost changes that will have a huge effect on your residence. Whether you’re looking to transform your home for yourself or to attract potential new renters or buyers, these tips are sure to help you out.

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1. Change the Colour Scheme

Starting with the most common idea, painting your walls is the quickest and easiest way to update your space. A light and neutral hue can make a room feel bigger and more refreshed, perfect for updating your home. Neutral colours give you a blank canvas to imprint your personal style all over and can help attract buyers.

Alternately, use paint to create a feature wall in your home. This is a perfect way to invigorate a room and create a focal point. 

You’re not just limited to painting the walls. You can use a coat of paint to brighten up most things in your home. Gloss your doors, skirting boards and window sills, revitalise your old kitchen cupboards, repaint furniture, change the colour of your front door and even use paint on your bathroom or kitchen tiles. Just make sure you choose the right paint for your job as results will vary if you get this wrong.

2. Adopt a Timeless Interior Design Style

Interior decor styles come and go, usually having their moment for a year or two to then be ditched for the next big thing. But, there are a select few design styles that are absolutely timeless. 

Incorporate these styles into your home to instantly transform your space:

Scandinavian Style: Scandinavian style blends simplicity with comfort. A light colour scheme with elements of nature and texture will work well. Furniture should be uncomplicated and comfortable.

Minimalism: The clue to what minimalism is in its name. Adopt a “Less is More” mentality, clearing away clutter. Focus on wide-open spaces, clean lines with a white colour palette for the majority of your space. Furniture should be quality over quantity.

Industrial: An industrial style has an unpolished and raw look. Use exposed brick, wood and metal for the furnishings and decor to bring in the technical feel. A grey colour scheme can be used to complement these elements.

Traditional: Traditional style is a very British trend that uses quintessential British furniture and colouring. Chesterfields, large wooden bookcases and authentic leather can all be used. Colours are flexible to suit your style.

Mid-Century: Mid-century design takes its inspiration from the USA in the 1950s and 60s. It has a retro feel with straight lines, gentle curves with a blend of wood and texture.

Think about the reason why you’re looking to transform your home before you choose a timeless interior design style. Although classic, styles can be subjective, so be careful.


3. Use Wall Decor

Art is the perfect way to transform your space, especially when on a budget. It comes in all shapes and sizes so there’s a huge amount to choose from to work in any home.

Below, we’ve detailed just a few of the ideas you can use to transform your space:

Wall Murals: Wall murals are designed for use on one wall in a room to create a large-scale feature. They come in thousands of designs including photographs, illustrations and patterns, seamlessly fitting in with any fashion. You can also create a custom mural using any image.

Gallery Wall: Gallery walls exploded in 2018 becoming a go-to for many homes. Their main benefit is you can display different types of art you love in one larger feature. You can even show off your family photos. Change up the frames to match your room.

Large-Scale Pieces: Large art pieces, whether they’re prints or paintings, you can instantly create an eye-catching point in a room. Large-scale art can also be used to cover up walls, perfect for saving on painting.

Mirrors: Mirrors can help make a room look bigger whilst looking amazing. Large or extravagant mirrors can be used to create a feature in your home, especially with a frame to work with your style.

Display your Passion: Combine storage with art by displaying something you collect on shelves or mounts. This will bring in your unique personality and frees up some storage space. Whether you collect signs when you’re on holiday, have several guitars or love cameras, it can work for almost anything.

4. Clear Away the Clutter

Nothing can ruin the aesthetic of a room like clutter. Even a freshly renovated home, if it’s full to the brim, can lose its appeal. Take the time to have a thorough declutter of everything you own. Furniture, accessories, decor, and general household mess should be sorted through with anything you haven’t used in the last six months or so disposed of. 

5. Add a New Rug

If you have a tired, old floor but don’t have the budget to replace it, a large scale rug can be used to hide it and breathe some life into your home. Choose a design that fits in with the colour scheme of your room.

6. Regrout Your Tiles

Regrouting your kitchen and bathroom tiles can make them look as good as new in no time at all. This tip can have a huge effect and will only cost you a couple of pounds. Give the tiles a good clean, then use a grout pen or grout and go over the mortar. Clean the tiles when it’s dry and it will look perfect.

7. Let the Light Shine in

Use sunlight to brighten up your home by removing heavy curtains and blinds. Install light-coloured voiles and net curtains to avoid blocking the natural light. 

Sunlight can make a room appear bigger and more open. It’s also great for improving your mental and physical health, increasing productivity and uplifting your mood. 

For your home’s artificial lights, avoid a fluorescent bulb with a yellow hue. Choose a natural coloured bulb for a more relaxing feel. 


8. Decorate with Houseplants

House plants are a multifunctional type of decor, brightening up your home whilst also purifying the air you breathe, removing toxins and pollutants. Add a few smaller plants around each room of a large feature plant if you have space. 

You have a huge choice of plant varieties but make sure to choose something hardy like an Aloe Vera, Snake Plant or Money Plant if you’re not great at watering.

We are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a stunning wall mural up to the value of £150.00 from our friends at Icon Wall Stickers, enter our prize draw below.


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