We're finding ingenious ways to avoid temptation this Lent

February 24, 2016Tags: Seasonal | Celebration | Easter | Challenge
We're finding ingenious ways to avoid temptation this Lent

Members of the Your Move Marketing team have decided to take on a challenge this Lent. They’ll either be cutting something out for the next forty days, or taking on a challenging activity. In week two, the team are developing their skills and finding ingenious ways to avoid temptation...

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Take awayName: Graeme
Role: Web Designer
Cutting out: Take aways

By giving up take aways for Lent, Graeme has unleashed his inner chef.

‘The weekend went a lot smoother than last weekend!  Saturday was a lovely hoisin honey glazed salmon with vegetable noodles and Sunday was a change to Indian cuisine with lamb rogan josh. I'm not too keen on Jamie Oliver’s recipe for the Rogan Josh so going to return to the basics next time!'

EggsName: Ruth
Role: Digital Marketing Manager
Cutting out: Bread

Ruth has been getting creative with her favourite breakfast food so that she can avoid bread.

'When I decided to give up bread I was worried about what my breakfast eggs would do without the toast! But they have been successfully sitting on other things. I have been enjoying variations on huevos rancheros (without the tortillas obviously):  basically a tomato based sauce that the eggs are baked in. Another favourite is eggs on top of a potato base – no toast required!'

RunningName: Emma
Role: Brand Manager
Taking on: Running

Emma hasn't quite managed to hit her quota of five runs a week this week.

'I’ll be popping a £1 into the penalty jar this week unfortunately! It was all going so well. I went running on Wednesday, ran on the treadmill on Friday and then just had to fit 3 runs in across 4 days. Easy, right?

'I thought 2 jogs over the weekend would be no problem but I went on a bit of an all-day walk on Saturday and when I got home at 6pm I was just too tired to grab my trainers and venture outside again. Sunday was a busy day so my plan was to do a quick run in the evening, but I was distracted when a friend unexpectedly dropped by. 

'I need to find a better way to fit these into my life. I get up and walk the dog at 6.30am every morning so next week I’m going to try and swap a couple of those walks for jogs instead. Wish me luck!'

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MuffinName: Mel
Role: PR Manager
Cutting out: Cake

Mel has stayed away from cakes so far this Lent, but is temptation getting the better of her?

'Taking a trip to the supermarket was a bit of a challenge this week. Although I was only looking for bread, it was the cakes in a nearby aisle that were catching my eye. Sponges, vanilla slices and even the sight of a rather sad looking chocolate eclair on the reduced counter were all making me wonder why I’d chosen to give up cakes for Lent. Why is it that you always want what you can’t have?

'And the temptations didn’t stop there. I had to turn down a scone when I went to visit my sister over the weekend, and it was freshly baked that morning. Fingers crossed I can make a return visit after Easter when she’ll have been baking again!  Hope you’re reading this sis!

'Finally returning home I found two cream filled chocolate muffins sat on the side – but sadly not waiting for me. While my son and hubby merrily tucked into them all I could remind myself was that Lent is meant to be a season of reflection and preparation before the celebrations of Easter begin. I’m just hoping there’s a celebratory cake on the menu as part of this.'

RaspberryName: Alex
Role: Emarketing Manager
Cutting out: Snacks

Alex came a-cropper again this week when trying to avoid snacks.

'Sticking to my three meals a day is fairly easy during the week. But then it comes to the weekend. My boyfriend and I decided to go for a long walk, but we didn't know quite how long the walk would be. Pre-empting the 'hangry’ person my boyfriend becomes when left without food for too long, I popped a chocolate bar into my bag as a midway snack to keep him happy. So when the time came, I presented said biscuit to my boyfriend. When the chocolate bar was handed back with a piece left, I took a bite without thinking. I had failed again!

'So I've made another donation to the charity pot. I still feel guilty now, but I blame it on my boyfriend!'

SpaghettiName: Claire
Role: Emarketing Officer
Cutting out: Chocolate, chips and take aways

After a wobbly beginning, Claire has fared much better this week. Her cooking skills are improving as she attempts to avoid chocolate, chips and take aways.

'This week I am feeling like a culinary genius! Apart from one trip to the carvery (no chips, takeaways or chocolate involved) I have made all my own meals from scratch including chilli con carne, spaghetti bolognaise, a chicken curry and a lasagne. They've all been edible and all pans have remained intact. I have however been defeated by a simple omelette which ended up looking like scrambled egg, but I am still trying!'

MusicName: Stuart
Role: Marketing Officer
Taking on: Music practice

Stuart is finding his 30 minutes of accordion practice is having a positive affect.

‘Last night was the first rehearsal with the rest of the band since this Lent challenge started, and I'm proud to say my 30 minutes of practice each day are starting to pay off. I was able to keep up with the faster, more difficult tunes for once, and I'm feeling more confident.

'I am still finding the daily commitment a bind though. On Friday a friend of mine was giving a talk and I was keen to show some moral support, so I rushed straight from the office to her presentation. Inevitably, this led to a few celebratory drinks and, before I knew it, I was rolling home at 2am - not a good time to practice accordion if you want to stay on the right side of your neighbours. I'm making up for this by doubling my practice time on other days, but I'll have to top up the fine jar too.

'Tonight the fiddle player from my band is popping over for some one-on-one tutoring, which is making me feel a bit like a naughty school boy: I know I've practiced some tunes a lot less than others.'

Come back to the Your Move blog next week to see how we’re progressing.