Who was your bedroom pin-up?

When the marketing team here at Your Move were asked who was your childhood pin-up? Who would have thought there would be a mixture of football players, horses, vampires and pop sensations! 

Craig, Digital Analyst

StevenI had rather a small bedroom when I was living at home and that’s the main reason I left and moved to Leeds! My posters where mainly of Liverpool players at the time. So Steven Gerrard was a regular on my walls, as was Owen when I was younger – and probably some random poster of a model (cringe).

Over time it’s gone more towards music – so to look cool at university I got the standard Beatles poster as you do…and some landscapes. But to be fair I kept some Liverpool pin ups as well. Everyone I knew, liked to stick pictures with friends on nights out and family at home.


Stuart, Assistant Brand Manager

BuffyBuffy the Vampire Slayer! When I was a teenager and I had three different posters of her, which I think one may have been this one.

I look back now and think I had excellent taste. I recently re-watched a few episodes and I still think it’s a great TV show. Very funny, and Buffy is a great role model of female independence and empowerment. I think these were good values for a teenage boy to learn.

I did perhaps get a little bit TOO obsessed though: I owned a copy of the Sunnydale High Yearbook, started buying spell-books and tarot cards, and wore a little gold crucifix for a while to ward off vampires. What a little geek!

Ruth, Digital Marketing Manager

MarcMy bedroom was orange. It had orange flowery curtains, a big plastic orange flower on the wall, a big orange lampshade, an orange alarm clock, but no heating and no duvet!! I loved it very much – until I didn’t love it anymore when I was about 13 and then had to wait ages to have it redecorated in a more fashionable style (purple that time – with heating and a duvet).

My pinups were (cut out from Jackie magazines) Marc Bolan, David Essex, David Cassidy, a young (very young) Michael Jackson. But absolutely NOT the Osmonds, nor the Bay City Rollers.

Alex, Emarketing Manager

FoalWhen we moved house (I think I was 11) I said to my Mum that I didn’t like the wall colour, green at the time. So, I had the choice, either my room would be redecorated in the colours / themes that I liked OR I was allowed to put posters up on the wall to cover the colour. I chose the latter and at the time my favourite magazine was Horse and Pony, so in a matter of weeks my walls were covered in all breeds of horses, ponies, foals and many famous show jumpers, I loved my room! As I hit my teenage years the odd celebrity popped onto the wall, I specifically remember ‘the’ picture of Peter Andre, the one where he is walking out the sea. It was something I had forgotten about, until now but that song does still pop up now and again!

Claire, Emarketing Co-ordinator

GarethHe might not have won Pop Idol, but Gareth Gates won a place in my heart…

I decided I was far too old for my purple ‘Groovy Chick’ bedroom and decided to cover my walls and wardrobes with posters of Gareth, he even had his own special shelf where I kept his albums and singles.  My weekends were spent scouring supermarkets for copies of Smash Hits and other pop magazines with posters I could add to my collection.

It was always a bit of a competition between me and my brother who could collect the most, I think most things are when you have a sibling! His pin-up was David Beckham and for his birthday my parents had bought a signed picture of him – my collection ended soon after when I realised I couldn’t compete anymore!

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