Celebrate World Book Day

March 3, 2016Tags: Celebration

World Book Day is a yearly celebration of authors, illustrators and books. You may have noticed this morning, the number of weird and wonderful characters on their way to school. With this in mind we asked our colleagues in the Marketing Team. In celebration of World Book Day today, what would you dress up as and why? 

I think you will agree, our team didn't go for the more obvious choices! 

Emma RedBook 1

Back in my days in magazine publishing my boss realised one day that I reminded her of Bridget Jones…single, enjoyed a vino (still do), smoked (no longer do!) & always hanging out with my friends. She found it hilarious in a quite endearing way. My life’s similarity to Bridget was a frequent talking point for her, she loved to tell people we met that I was the actual Bridget Jones, I used to find it a bit tiresome but over the years (YES YEARS!) I learnt to embrace it and enjoy the comparison. So for the ultimate sign of embracing my inner Bridget – for World Book Day, I would dress up as Bridgette!

Claire Dora

If I could be any character from a book I would choose Dora the Explorer (although I would rather have a handbag than a rucksack). The reason I have chosen Dora, is that I love going on adventures and that is what she does every single day – what a way to live! She is also exceptionally talented and can sing as well as speaking various languages.

Alex Sweet horse 1

I used to read a lot when I was younger, but find it harder these days to really get stuck into a good book unless I am on holiday. Being a keen horse rider, I used to and still do read any books where the story revolves around a horse or pony, War Horse, Black Beauty, Warrior, The Horse Whisperer, to name a few. So for World Book Day I would dress up as a grey horse and gallop around the office!  

Stuart Turkish delight 2

A couple of years ago I was invited to a Narnia themed party. There were some great costumes including Mr & Mrs Beaver, the White Witch, a wardrobe and even a lamp-post. But I like to think my Turkish delight costume stole the show. Or do you think it was a bit OTT?

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