#WorldRecyclingWeek - 4 tips for recycling around your home

April 21, 2016Tags: boxes | Declutter | decluttering | garden | Tips

This week is #WorldRecyclingWeek. Fashion store H&M has teamed up with pop-star M.I.A to encourage you to bring unwanted garments and other fabrics to their stores in exchange for discounts on your purchases. Any clothes in good condition will be distributed as second-hand goods. Other materials will be broken down and reused as cleaning cloths, insulation, or ground into fibre to create new fabrics.

It’s a great initiative which encourages us all to reduce waste where we can. So if you’re popping out to the shops this weekend, why not consider taking some old clothes to your local H&M?

And while our brains are on the subject, here are four great tips for recycling and reusing around the home:

1. Turn around your coat-hangers

Coat hangersWe love this tip for keeping track of which clothes you actually wear...

Turn all the coat hangers in your wardrobe around so the hook points outwards. Then, when you wear a garment, put the hanger back with the hook pointing inwards. After a couple of months you will easily be able to see what you wear on a regular basis – and what you never ever wear. Then consider getting rid!

This is a great tip if you’re planning a move in the coming months and want to declutter.

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Cardboard2. Re-use cardboard boxes

Speaking of moving – if you’ve recently moved house the likeliness is you’ve got a small mountain of cardboard boxes cluttering up the place. Save yourself a trip to the recycling point and upcycle them instead. This board on our Pinterest page has a whole host of ideas for cardboard boxes, from picture frames and planters, to a cat’s scratching post or costumes for kids.

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3. Use your imagination to create garden planters

PlantersWe love seeing unwanted gimcracks being used to plant herbs and flowers. Old tea pots, unwanted boots, empty tins and fruit crates can make very attractive planters. Lined up together on a garden shelf or patio, they can make a really quirky, colourful sight. Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas.

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4. Worms!

WormeryWe all know that adding food waste to a compost pile is more environmentally friendly then sending bags and bags of rubbish to land fill. You also have the added bonus of an infinite supply of fresh compost. But what if you only have a small garden, balcony, or no garden at all? Consider a wormery. Hungry worms will gobble up all your food waste and help you to create compost on a small scale. The folks at offer all sizes and types, including a hygienic indoor wormery.

If you’re making the most of the weekend to declutter, clear out, upcylce and recyle we wish you the very best of luck!

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