Buy to Let index

January 2018 - 2017, the year of growth for the East of England

Wales increases in yields

  • The year was characterised by a squeeze on yields, but landlords in Wales enjoyed a positive end to 2017.

  • The average yield earned by property investors in Wales grew from 4.7% to 4.8% between November and December 2017 - the only region to post an increase.

  • The yields achieved in most regions remained flat month-on-month, but the Yorkshire and the Humber region did see yields fall. The average return in this region dropped from 4.5% to 4.4% as the year drew to a close.

  • However, northern regions still tend to offer better returns than southern areas. The North East and North West continue to boast the highest yields, reaching 5% and 4.8% respectively this month.

  • London landlords have the smallest percentage yields, with the typical property in the capital returning 3.2%.

  • Across the whole of England and Wales, the average yield was 4.4% in December 2017.

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