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July 2017 - General election has little impact on rent prices across England and Wales

Signs of improvement for landlord returns

  • June saw some welcome relief for landlords and property investors as yields in some areas of England and Wales showed signs of improvement.

  • While returns have been squeezed for some time, Your Move found the average yield improved in both the North East and the North West regions this month – although only by a small margin.

  • These two regions continue to offer the largest yield levels to landlords at 5.23% and 5.01% respectively.

  • However the majority of regions saw returns fall year-onyear, meaning it remains a mixed picture for investors when considering the survey as a whole.

  • Whilst the biggest falls came in the East Midlands and East of England, yields declined by only 0.2% over the month and by just 0.5% over the year.

  • London offered the smallest percentage return to investors this month, with the average yield being recorded at 3.1%.

  • Landlords must also battle with different expectations regarding tenancy length, depending on where in the country their properties are located.

  • In both Filton, Gloucestershire and Taunton, Somerset, the average tenancy lasts six months. This compares to an average tenancy of 44 months in Sevenoaks, Kent - the highest recorded by Your Move.


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