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November 2016 - Scottish rental market enjoys continued growth

Capital city races ahead of other regions

  • The Edinburgh and Lothians region continued its recent sterling performance into November, Your Move Scotland found. The capital city and surrounding area boasted rent growth of 4.9% in the last 12 months, faster than any other part of the country.

  • It also held its crown as the place with the highest rents in Scotland. The typical property in this region now lets for £645 per calendar month.

  • The closest challengers are Glasgow and Clyde – with an average rent of £577 a month – and the Highlands and Islands, where the typical property lets for £576. However, the two areas have fared quite differently in the past 12 months. Prices in the Glasgow and Clyde area have risen by 0.9% while those in the Highlands and Islands region dropped by 7.8%.
  • Prices in the South of Scotland nudged down 1.1% year-on-year to stand at £544, although there was 0.6% growth between October and November.

  • The East of Scotland remains the cheapest place to rent a property in the country, although prices in this region did rise compared to both last year and last month. The average rent of £529 in October was 0.8% higher than 12 months ago and 0.2% up month-on-month.