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We all like our homes to reflect our own individual personality and style. This is often one of the first points of order when moving into a new home, but even long-term homeowners are guilty of that sudden urge to shake up their existing home décor, and add more of a personal touch.

Whether it’s adding a colourful accent to your kitchen, adding a bright cushion to a plain sofa, or getting on board with the latest homeware trend, it’s these touches which make your living space unique to you!

Red Candy is a quirky online homewares company dedicated to interior accessories which are colourful, modern and a little bit different. Here, Marketing Manager Rachel Escott takes us through her favourite homeware trends. Plus, to help you give your home décor an instant shake up, Red Candy is offering an exclusive 20% discount code to all readers, and is also giving away a £100 voucher to one lucky winner at the end of the article!


Colour pop

Adding a cheerful accent colour to a room can instantly make an impact, and breathe life into a space which might have been neglected in the past. It might be as simple as adding a colourful clock to your wall, a funky retro telephone to your hallway, or a vibrant lamp to your side table!

Here at Red Candy, we particularly love this trend as it fits in with our mission statement: ‘Shut up, beige!’ We want to cut out the bland and boring from our homes and fill them with lots of lovely colour instead!


Cool copper

This magnificent metallic trend has been going strong since 2013, and shows no signs of fading! Copper is the perfect way to add some warm contemporary style to your home, and goes hand in hand with the recent resurgence in popularity of industrial-style abodes.

Fabulously versatile, copper home accessories can take any form - from wall clocks to dish racks! With sleek shiny surfaces and warm reflections, this elegant metal looks particularly effective in modern living rooms and rustic-style kitchens. It’s also worth mentioning the recent rise in popularity of brass; another offshoot of the metallic trend!


Tropical treats

Tropical-themed home accessories instantly add a lively, colourful element to interior spaces. This cheerful trend is characterised by rich exotic colours such as yellows, oranges and greens, plus an abundance of funky motifs - flamingos, pineapples, palm leaves, and cacti to name a few!

We love this trend as it injects some playful and summery charm to proceedings, and is a great way of adding some fruity style to your pad. It is perfect for people who don’t take their home décor too seriously but still want to be bang on trend!


Quirky and characterful

If you are a lover of all-things-quirky then it’s bound to filter into your home décor! And characterful home accessories are the perfect way of expressing your penchant for designs which are a little bit different. From the brilliantly bonkers to the downright bizarre, quirky products have their tongues firmly in cheek, and will add a cheerful edge to your home décor!

Inspired by all manner of things - from dinosaurs to robots, and from animals to comic book heroes, characterful home accessories are guaranteed to raise a smile and also make brilliant conversation starters! A ladle shaped like the Loch Ness Monster anyone?!


Gorgeous geometrics

Geometric designs are perfect for instantly adding a contemporary and sculptural edge to your home! Characterised by clean lines, faceted textures and bold chevron-style patterns, geometric home accessories will inject some striking definition to your walls. 

But this cool contemporary trend isn’t just about bold patterns; it also encompasses angular metallic designs, such as wire frame side tables and 3D wall art. We particularly love copper wire homeware: a stunning combination of the geometric and copper trends.

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